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I have been used to getting 3 months of MTX, folic acid and hydroxychloroquine from the hospital. I was only diagnosed 6 months ago with RA. At my last review appointment the pharmacist suggested a shared care agreement so my gp could prescribe. I have just got my first prescription from the chemist to find the gp only prescribed 28 days of each drug. Is it standard for gps to only prescribe 28 days? Or is it pot luck which gp/region. My gp “requires improvement “ according to CQC so not sure if repeat prescription length is standard or something I should question. Thank you!


  • Fif
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    My prescription repeat has always been 4 weeks, but as I'm now in Europe for the next three months, my Gp was happy to prescribe enough for whilst I am away. If it would be better for you to have a longer repeat interval for some reason, I'd ask. I've always ordered my repeat in good time to avoid running out.

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    Hi @LouH00 - my MTX and folic acid prescriptions (plus I am on sulfasalazine) have only ever been issued in 28 day doses, and that originated from my consultant at the hospital, so to me it doesn't sound unusual that your GP has prescribed this way?

    I do find 28 days passes by extraordinarily quickly though!

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    I've only ever had monthly prescriptions from the GP, not just for meth but everything else too. Except when going abroad and asking for a two month supply. maybe it's something to do with hospital pharmacies having large and quickly updated stocks of meds whereas local ones don't have the storage space. Just a guess. But also you're still fairly new to meth so, if it turned out you needed to stop it, there'd be less waste. Why not ask?

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    I've been moved to shared care with the gp for the mtx/folic acid and that's on 4 weeks. The hospital had been doing a 3 month prescription and has just given me a 3 month prescription of hydroxychloroquine. Makes me even more thankful that I did a pre-payment certificate in March!

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    Think this is normal practise now.

    Ive been on mtx, sulfasalazine, codein and oromorph for over 20 years. most of these are flagged up as DD dangerous drugs.

    As said hospital consultants can prescribe 3 months worth but a gp that doesnt know you that well is signing their lives away if they prescribe more and then you possibly overdose by mistake. long story short its a health and safety thing and they are covering their backsides.

    A quick telephone consultation with my gp who is always changing and they now supply me with 96 for 3 months again.

    A few years back a new gp decided to change it back to a months supply. I phoned and spoke to him and explained i work for the nhs for over 40 years and know all the do's and dont's about drugs and he explained the above but has now left a message on my notes to supply 3 months at a time.

    It might also be worth mentioning that we have a life changing condition that needs continuous drugs for the rest of our lives but it doesnt make us exempt from prescription charges and in this day and age of bills going up for everything you cant afford to pay monthly for a drug you previously got for 3 months.

    Oh and as mentioned a pre payment prescription is a must have and worth its wheight in gold. think im over £350 worth of tablets now and still got 6 months left on it yet.

    £30.25 for 3 months or £108.10 for 12 months

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    Thank you for all your comments. I completely understand the issue of over prescribing and then not needing the medication. I received my first delivery of 12 doses of MTX only to need an increased dose after just one injection. The increase I needed was delayed so I didn’t waste the injections. I have since had a steroid injection to help until my next delivery. It makes me wonder why the hospital wanted the shared care if I’m not on the best regimen yet.

    Sounds like it’s time to invest in the pre payment certificate and set up an alert to order if the GP isn’t happy I’m stable enough to prescribe more the 28 days.