PRP injection 💉 for early OA knees

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I am just wondering if any of you tried or came across PRP injections for OA knees in the early stages to relieve the pain.

I see the ads everywhere. Aside from the high cost; Do you think it is worth a shot? I will inquire about the topic in my next appointment with the Orthopedic. HOWEVER, was hoping for honest reviews.

I heard a lot about it commercially but I am afraid that it is another scam from private hospitals. My humble online research got me more confused 😕.

Thank you. 💐


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    You're wise to be wary of scams. There are plenty about.

    But this PubMed article would suggest it might work.

    Here's the conclusion:

    Conclusions: The effect of platelet concentrates goes beyond its mere placebo effect, and PRP injections provide better results than other injectable options. This benefit increases over time, being not significant at earlier follow-ups but becoming clinically significant after 6 to 12 months. However, although substantial, the improvement remains partial and supported by low level of evidence. This finding urges further research to confirm benefits and identify the best formulation and indications for PRP injections in knee OA.

    There's also this leaflet from an NHS Trust

    Good luck whatever you do or don't do.

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