Can I contact my Consultant ?

I saw the Rheumatologist last week and had a diagnosis of probable Palindromic Rheumatism. Consultant recommended Hydroxychloriquine but agreed to let me take info away and get my head around it! I have an appointment with the nurse in January but nothing was said about what to do if I decide I want to start taking it. Do I try and contact the consultant, my GP or wait for the nurse appointment? Having seen my blood test results with high anti-CCP and mild anemia, and researched it all a bit, I’m keen to start medication but don’t know what to do.


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    Hi @Goldfinch have a look at our info below in case it adds to any you have

    If you have made your decision I would contact your GP to get started

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  • Hi@Goldfinch

    If you have the rheumatology nurse helpline number, at the hospital. I'd suggest you ring them, say briefly that you'd like to begin the medication and ask them to ring you.

    If you don't know the nurse helpline number, ring the hospital switchboard and they should give it to you. (Keep this number so you can use it for anything to do with your rheumatology drugs or if you are having a flare up.)

    Sometimes rheumatology drugs are prescribed by them, but sometimes the GP will be the prescriber, so the rheumatology nurse can tell you that.

    If you feel like talking it over, do ring us on 0800 5200 520.

    Palindromic rheumatism | Causes, symptoms, treatments (

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    When my consultant prescribed methotrexate, I was given written information followed by a phone appointment with the rheumatology nurse who talked me through the implications to ensure I understood the pros and cons. As soon as this was done, my GP started me on the meds straight away. I think this is probably standard procedure. If you're desperate to start before your January appointment with the nurse, I'd give the helpline a call and see if you can get an earlier date

  • Hi @Goldfinch and thank you @Fif

    Just to clarify it's the Rheumatology Nurse Helpline at the hospital I believe Fif is referring to.

    As always if you are having a problem getting their support, do ring us on 0800 5200 520 and we might be able to come up ideas for another way of getting you through the system.

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