Glucosamine and omega 3

Hello, does anyone take this (Seven Seas) supplement?

I thought I might give it a try so I'd be very interested to hear what others think about it.


  • polnan
    polnan Member Posts: 7

    I am taking omega 3 not sure if it makes any difference though

  • Cazm50
    Cazm50 Member Posts: 12

    Absolutely pointless and expensive,i also tried turmeric just as useless if i'm honest

  • Izzy72
    Izzy72 Member Posts: 30

    @Cazm50 @polnan

    Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

    The supplement is probably like a lot of other things then - helps some and not others.

    I eat quite a lot of fish, seafood, nuts and green veg so maybe I'll just stick with that for my Omega 3 and give the glucosamine a miss. Thanks again

  • Cazm50
    Cazm50 Member Posts: 12

    My consultant told me there is no proof things like this work,but if they help you then it's worth it i just haven't spoken to anyone it's helped,myself included.Take care x