I am still struggling to find help with pain relief. I cannot take anti inflamms due to severe acid reflux and I tried naproxen but got severe side affects.

I take cbd gummies which are good but they make you tired. Paracetamol last 2 hrs tops. Have tried honey and have a healthy diet. I have given up with my GP as useless. I am not aware of any pain clinics near me. I feel very hard done by!


  • stickywicket
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    My go to things are exercises and treating the pain like a naughtie toddler ie ignoring it as much as possible ie distraction.

    Have you asked your GP / pharmacist?

    By the way, naproxen is an anti-inflammatory so just as well you stopped taking it.

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  • CCM
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    I have a small hiatue hernia with acid reflux as a by-product. I was prescribed Omeprazol to help manage it. Works so far.

  • rosie159
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    I already take omeprazole 2-3 a day and doesn't really help any more.

  • Baloo
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    I fill a pillbox every day with the maximum dose of 8 paracetamol in compartments so I know which dose I took, and spread the dose over the day two at a time. Anything less doesn't work properly. Sometimes I finish the box sometimes I don't.

  • TillyBex
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    Pain relief is key. My gp prescribed Cocodomol. Not ideal and doesn't really work anyway. I don't think my gp really understands what constant pain does to you over time mentally. They always ask the how bad is it question on scale 1-10. But it's more about that it's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week than the level of pain at any given time. Like Baloo I set the full allowance out and take at regular intervals. Personally, I feel its better to keep a lid on it rather than it getting really bad and then taking pain relief. You will just need to see what works best for you. All the best and take care x

  • Lilymary
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    I agree, taking pain killers to manage the condition is much better than just taking them after everything has flared up. Do go back to your GP to review this (maybe a different one in the practice?). I was on max strength cocodamol x 8 a day, and 2 x naproxen and 1 x omeprazole to manage the naproxen, and laxatives to manage the effects of the cocodamol. This just about made the pain tolerable, but it's probably safe to say most on this site would say there's no drug that can give complete pain relief from arthritis, it's all about managing how bad it gets. In desperation I rang my GP once and said I needed something stronger, was there anything else he could give me, and he replied very apologetically "no". It felt a crushing blow at the time, but the docs have to review what other meds and conditions you are managing to find a pain relief regime that's right for you. And he was right, there wasn't anything else he could do.

    You need more in your arsenal than drugs. Have a look at the tips in this link - I found many of them really helpful, much to my surprise.