Cold weather

Now that it's starting to get really cold my rheumatoid is playing up something rotten I've never been in so much pain


  • CCM
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    It's a strange complaint, @Jen2573 3. I have more trouble wiht hot weather.


  • stickywicket
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    I'm sorry, @Jen2573 . We can all only try to keep warm by every means this winter. - clothes, heating, food and exercise. And, when all else fails, pills 😉

    I have to admit, though, that I'm with @CCM . My RA doesn't really mind cold but reacts nastily to hot weather. My OA does object a bit, though. Hence my advice above. Try to keep everything loose and functioning as well as possible.

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  • Fran54
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    Hi I am finding that my arthritis in my knee is playing up more in this cold weather. I agree with stickywicket as mentioned above, but have also been using my wheat bag heated up and put on my knee. I find it helps when I use it after doing some of my physio exercises. Also, have you tried other heat sources like a hot water bottle?

    Sometimes when it is this cold I feel that Nature has the right answer by hibernating. Wish I could do this. Take care.🙂

  • TillyBex
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    Hiya, I'm struggling with the cold with my OA hip. Still recovering from a hip bursar too. I have invested in an oversized hoodie, wooly leggings and warm slipper boots for when I'm working from home. I put the heating on for 1 hour in the morning as it helps me get limbered up. I then do my exercises then a hot bath. This definitely helps. I'm still new to this as was only diagnosed in September. But excercise is key, some days the pain seems insurmountable and the thought of doing excercise is horrendous. Reading all the comments on here helps too. One day at a time and try to lead as normal a life as you can. Focus on your triumphs however small. I cut my toenails last week which was a massive victory as bending and touching my toes has not happened since May! I use barbecue tongs to pick things up. And if I succumb to a pity day. Then pills, fleece, hot water bottle a good book and don't feel guilty about it. Take care x

  • Lilymary
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    Cold weather, or worse, foggy or humid weather, sets my arthritis off. Oddly I'm finding cold weather makes my new hip feel really sluggish too. I learnt to keep warm at the age of 12 to fight this off, and stuck to it. That's why my legs are blue white all year round! 😂