Just wanted to post about how good I'm feeling this morning after taking my dog for a lovely walk. I've been struggling to walk anywhere for weeks but today I feel like I can climb mountains 🎉🎉


  • Lilymary
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    We should all celebrate the good days. Dogs are great therapy. Keep it up!

  • TLee
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    I love it! Lots to be feeling good about: Getting out of the house, enjoying a bit of the natural world (I came across some VERY noisy chickadees yesterday!), and spending time with a furry companion. These are things that keep us going!

  • TLee
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    I came back to this post because I like the idea of celebrating those triumphs. Yesterday was one of those days for me, when pain is not the overriding thing on my mind. Was I in pain? Yes, but I spent some time getting into the holiday spirit. I cranked up some carols on my tablet & wrapped presents. Standing up! It just made my heart so happy thinking of family celebrations coming up and making plans. Even when I laid down in bed & tried to relax those slightly over-worked joints & muscles (ouch!), I felt like it was an acceptable price to pay for a really good day. For the holidays, and beyond, I wish everyone days so happy that pain takes a backseat.

  • Ribble
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    I do agree with this positive thinking. It definitely helps with our mental approach to the condition and teaches us how to deal with some of the pain and discomfort. Being active in any way is the best way to keep cheerful. It certainly beats feeling full of resentment and feeling sorry for ourselves. Enjoy your walks. 😀

  • Moira
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    Have you ever tried saying "ouch, ouch" as you walk along? i do and it helps ........!!!

    I can't do the walking I used to - no more tramping over the hills. But walking round the pond in the local park and then having a coffee or hot chocolate makes me feel better.

    3 cheers for those wee triumphs we have.

    Have a lovely Christmas.