Hi Everyone.

I have OA in my back, hands and right knee. My Osteopath told me yesterday, I have spondylitis, do any of you have that? He showed me the image of my MRI scan and pointed out all the bone spurs, I never even knew about bone spurs..

Although it has all come as a shock, I still feel better knowing what all this pain has been about.

The treatment will be Physiotherapist, pain killers and injections i my hands.

At the moment, its just about coming to terms with things, but I know I could have worse things and I have a good loving family and this forum, which I’m grateful for.

Have any of you been told about bone spurs, I feel really silly not knowing about these things.

Take Care Guys……Jan x


  • Sarah77
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    I had plantar fasciitis a few years ago and got told then I have a bone spur on my heal that is digging into the plantar itself. Most of the time it’s not too bad but every now and again it gives me pain. My mum has OA in hips as well as other places and has several spurs in them I know she finds them extremely painful. X x x

  • TLee
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    They did show on my xrays--report said osteocytes, which sounded much more serious. I once asked my doctor why I am sometimes in such extreme pain & other times not so much (mine is hip pain), and he said that these can form, wear away or break off, and then new ones come. I assume the pain is worse when they are new & rubbing in a new area. I asked in physical therapy if I were to exercise more/harder would they not all be worn away for less pain (made sense to me). The answer was, Uhhh, no.

  • Jan1955
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    Thank you so much for getting back to me. It helps so much to have mutual understanding doesn’t it? Xx

  • Airwave!
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    I find that acceptance is a constantly moving emotion, you just start to get used to pain at one level in a particular joint and your mind says "I i can do that, I can cope, I'll be fine" and so the cycle of boom and bust carries on. you enter a new hobby, sport, or new interest with all the enthusiasm of the flag bearer and then find that you can't manage, the pain is greater and recovery is a distant theme that might happen.

    I have had OA since my early years and recently added RA to the list at 67, I reckon I have experienced a wide range of pain and emotion. I can recommend the Pain Clinic course, ask your GP for a referral, often a mix of pain relief is better than stronger pain killers, read and research all the subjects on here, you will find something that suits you.

    Above all, keep smiling.

    Its a grin, honest!

  • Jan1955
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    Thank you so much Airwave xx