I have osteoarthritis in my knees and need a stick to walk, I am unable to stand for long and cannot sit on the ground as can’t get up again. I have been looking at accessible tickets for concerts eg Billy Joel in Hyde Park, I don’t have Attendance Allowance or PIP etc but one thing that is accepted is an accesscard - has anyone in my position any experience of getting one?


  • airwave
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    Hi, These cards were the subject of a topic must be getting on for ten years ago and they haven become well known or used. Just a guess but I think that entertainment places shutting and maybe opening up again after covid, with different management and staff may be an issue? We go to theatres regularly and have never seen any notices about the cards. Maybe they are used in different areas/regions?

    I seem to remember that the cards were being charged for, that may have slowed or stopped them? But of course most venues cater for the disabled without question so maybe the cards aren’t needed so often? I seem to remember getting one but not using it ?

    let us know what you find out.

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • N1gel
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    Don't think I've come across an access card tbh - do you have a Blue Badge? Most venues I can think of require notification of one of the DWP benefits and then they're extremely helpful.

    What is it you're trying to get? Guaranteed seating? tickets for someone to accompany you?