Hands, knees and …. Slip sliding along!

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Hello all,

As in the Paul Simon song, that’s what I’m doing at times … slip sliding with an arthritic knee! I’ve been an athlete all my adult life: competitive cycling/running, long hiking everywhere including the Alps so, as many would like to say … you deserve all you get with complaining joints that are falling apart!! Maybe, but … I’m sure that it’s genetic to start with? My dad had a hip replacement and he was a life long cyclist etc so that does run in the family. I remember him rubbing in deep heat and all sorts of other embrocation.

So, the good news is, I had a hip replacement 8 years ago which has been fantastic. I carried on cycling and walking but don’t run any more. I was silly enough to try that one, three years post hip and all I got was a bad neck (arthritic) and a trapped nerve in my neck which meant I couldn’t ride my bike or walk very far for a few months. So, all that brought on was an attack of depression! You do live and learn with this condition, don’t you!

Anyway, five years on from that awful time I’m still able to cycle, a bit slower but with a couple of pain killers and sometimes with the help of an e bike, my knee has been behaving itself on the bike but, when I stand up from sitting for a while, say, in a restaurant, it’s extremely painful to stand but, the good news is that it gradually eases off with a few steps. Also, just recently I’m sometimes woken up in the night with pain so I know nothing stops the giant Artie from joint abuse! I’m determined to keep active as this helps to strengthen all the muscles and tendons around the joints so I can recommend cycling (a nice low impact sport and passtime) and also short walks with the aid of walking poles which take a lot of the strain. I think the walking I’ve done since the knee diagnosis two years ago has really helped to strengthen everything as well. Going up stairs is a pain as well. I know that it won’t get better and I have been added to the list for a replacement knee on the NHS.

So, that’s the end of my big winge. Sorry everyone. I realise there are many of you in a worse state than me but I do hope that some of my positivity (that does ebb and flow) is helpful to some.

We all hope and pray for a cure for arthritis and hope it won’t be long.

B x


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    Keep winging. That's what the posts are for. We will think of you and be with you as you do.

    I have arthritis all over now. I'm looking for a new skeleton - you don't have a spare in a cupboard, do you?

    I whinge because I can't dance any more! No more "Strip the Willow", "Eightsome Reels" or "Dashing White Sargents". As to doing a ballet barre or taking part in a contemporary dance class............... well I suppose I can do it in my head! Can't cycle - I'm like a jelly when I come off the bike and have to prop myself up - rediculous isn't it?

    But I do do simple physio exercises each day and the videos on VA are brilliant to keep you toned and moving.

    Keep moving even if a little. Have a lovely Christmas.

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    Thank you Moria, I will check out the physio for recovery time.

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    Hi Moira,

    Firstly, sorry I spelt your name wrong in my first reply, predictive text! did it again but noticed in time.😅 I’m now post three weeks since my knee replacement. The first two weeks I definitely want to forget but the pain is getting easier and I can walk without a stick or pole a bit more now. I’m glad to hear how well you are dealing with the condition and it is the best thing to (a) think positive and (b) keep as active as possible. I do need reminding of this!

    I'll leave it there and put something on as a main post. Once again thanks for your thoughts.

    B x