Methotrexate side effects.. how long?


I’ve been taking methotrexate now for 6 weeks at 15mg per dose, I think in terms of my RA I am starting to improve, well in terms of my joint pain, but I’m really struggling with the side effects of the MTX. They last longer than 24/48 hours.. particularly the nausea and tiredness.. which is pretty much constant. It does lessen by about the 5th day after..

does anyone else have experience of side effects lasting longer than a day or two?

thank you


  • Coral
    Coral Member Posts: 3

    I have done the same dose as you for a year now. The first 4 months was horrid. I was so tired and sick and there seemed to be no relief of my RA either. However after those initial, seemingly interminable months, the MTX started to work. I was, and am still, gentle with pushing myself physically, kept hydrated, took folic acid on non MTX days and also iron and vitamin d. I also take a gastronomic suppressant and eat yoghurt and fruit before taking my dose on a Sunday. I recently got a biologic too which has been an excellent supplement to the MTX. Now I have a sort of balance - btw when I took a week’s break from MTX for Covid jab, it took a fortnight to settle down again.

  • Kate1701
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    Hi Coral,

    thank you for sharing your experience.. I am month 3 and after saying I’d started to feel s bit better, this last week everything just flared! But I presume Christmas.. stress is the big trigger for me.

    I had a two week break from MTX on recommendation from nurse, but pain came back straight away (might be unrelated).. and back on first thing this morning and already the nausea is kicking in and I will probably head back to bed and make the most of this week off work.

    hopefully this will eventually settle down as dud for you. These last few months been such a rollercoaster.. seeing my consultant again in a month so sure will be reviewed then.

    thanks for taking time to reply,