Change in outlook = happier

I had a slight change of state of mind today.

I had a bad day for pain and I spent a few hours this morning and then again later on this afternoon wrapped up warm in bed listening to the radio because it was the only place I could get comfortable and at least get rid of some of my pain.

Now normally this would really annoy me because Mondays I am on my own and normally take the opportunity to get out in my studio and do music stuff. However today instead of keeping on I gave in and it felt really good to have a few hours being snug and comfortable and I told myself it didn’t matter rather than beating myself up over it and getting annoyed at the wasted time.

So I will in the future not get annoyed at myself for being nice to myself and allowing myself to be lazy, as it turned what would normally be a day of frustration and pain in the studio into a nice chilled out day listening to music because it was all I could manage.

Thought I’d share because someone else may realise they’re being too hard on themselves.


  • RogerBill
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    Hi @Keef I know what you mean. I had a lazy day yesterday then in the evening a couple of guitar parts I'd been struggling and totally failing to play well for ages suddenly worked much better. The benefit of having a fresher, more rested and more positive mind.

  • Angel666
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    Hello @Keef I too have learned the art of listening to my body on bad pain days & resting up comfortable & warm knowing that things will get done on a better day & feeling no guilt.... definitely improves your state of mind when working with it instead of fighting it ☺️ glad u had a relaxed day 👍

  • TLee
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    Some days, especially this time of year, there's nothing I enjoy more than snuggling up with a good book and getting the rest I need. I agree that the secret is to not allow guilt to creep in and ruin it. Maybe it's the holiday spirit in the air, but I also feel a change in outlook--it seems that I am making peace with my pain! I do what I can when I can, rest when I need to, and just get along the best that I can. It's funny that even before I saw your post, I was pondering: Has my pain decreased or my tolerance increased?

  • Lilymary
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    We all need to listen to our bodies and stop fighting them. After a couple of years uncharacteristic medical dramas I have finally stopped feeling guilty about having proper a rest and helping my body recover. I view it as a new part of my job description. Anything that brings about healing is not wasted time!

  • Cazm50
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    I am self employed with my husband and work from home.Sometimes i just have to rest in the afternoon and just keep warm.I try to get a daily walk and keep moving as well that's the key.

  • Keef
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    I’m resting more than not atm. Hoping it will calm down. Got osteo tomorrow 🤪