How much??

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I’ve posted on here about my recent exploits in my new wheelchair powerchair (the first one catching fire) and the new one I have, although much better than the original, is still hurting my back.

So rather than persisting with it I contacted a company that does a medical assessment and then tailors a chair to one’s individual body measurements and needs.

its not a made to measure chair, it’s still off the shelf, but adapted to the individual. I’m very new to all this and obviously had no idea about any of it until a month ago, including the price. My current chair was less than £2000, which still made me gasp.

The price for a tailored chair is over £8000.

I guess you can’t put a price on mobility but to say I was shocked…….

Trouble is now I’ve been using one I really miss it when it’s out of action and it took me 15 minutes to struggle less than 1/4 mile to the supermarket on Saturday.

i will attempt to make some modifications to my current chair but if all else fails I think I’ll have to spend the money, or rather the banks money.


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    Hi @Keef Would the custom moulded seat methods used for racing car seats help? Kits can be had for less than £200, eg but I expect seats used by the Formula One guys cost far more. I see there are some suppliers who appear to offer similar solutions for wheelchairs but I couldn't find any prices. I think these people will do a custom seat for your existing wheelchair but you'd need to contact them for a price:

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    Wow, thanks. I’ll look into that.

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    @keef £8000? ouch!

    'So rather than persisting with it I contacted a company that does a medical assessment and then tailors a chair to one’s individual body measurements and needs.'

    Some of these companies employ unscrupulous salesmen tho' who'll sell you lots of extras (did the company have 'rise' in it's name?).

    You should be able to get an assessment via the NHS who'll write you a spec to take to a supplier and give you a grant towards the cost). Without wanting to be patronising I'd be a bit wary of any company that does the assessment and tailors the chair (unless it's very specialised).

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    It is unfortunately the price of the chair from the manufacturer which makes los of different cushions and adjustable parts to get the best fit.

    The retail price of Magic Mobility 360 or V6 mid wheels are fairly uniform across the various dealers. Magic Mobility have just been taken over by Sunrise Medical which is the company that made my first chair that started smoking and went wibble.

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    Ah yes 'S...rise Medical' say no more.

    Looking at the chair in question I see your point. The surgeon who saw me recommended a power chair but the OT was quite sniffy about getting one on NHS.

    Good luck with 'S...rise' but take them with a pinch of salt.

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    I suppose I could say something like 'have you seen how little you can get for a thousand pounds these days?' Building a profitable business you need to allow a 28 per cent profit which will allow a business to keep running year after year. a big percentage of businesses will fail after four years, if you find a good one keep supporting them. they might offer a future discount or servicing help in return for a favourable feedback if you're satisfied, or feel an affinity with the business and promote it?

    Its a grin, honest!

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    Hi @Keef the OTs at the school where I work recommend the William Merritt Centre in Leeds as they offer good impartial advice and recommendations and most assessments are free. I don’t know where you are in the UK but there must be other similar centre around the country. Maybe you could contact your local community OTs to see who they recommend.

    l hope you find a less expensive solution

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    Yes I have someone coming out Wednesday for a free assessment. He said he might be able to get my current chair, the replacement for the Sunrise one, more comfy.

    i found the 360 listed at£8000 with magic mobility and then after the take over by Su rise it’s listed as £11500 for what seems to be an identical chair with the same mode number.