Newly diagnosed

I have OA in my right hip. However, the only real pain and discomfort I have is in my right thigh area. Find it difficult to raise my right leg as the thigh area seems very tight. Ibuprofen helps as I am awoken at night with nagging pain in my right leg thigh.


  • Lane
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    Hello @Terrydan welcome to our community.

    I understand that you have OA to your right hip with discomfort to your right thigh. I have attached a link from our website for you:

    and another if you are up for some exercises:

    I am sure that other members will share any tips with you.

    All the best

  • janiebin
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    Hi @Terrydan

    I can't explain why we get pain in our thigh when we have OA in our hip but it happened to me too. I also got pain in my knee and lower leg some days. Some one explained that it was deferred pain and certainly a few days /weeks after I had a THR those pains disappeared. I think we must put extra strain on those areas without realising it sometimes.

    Pain at night is always so debilitating when you want to sleep and know that you need to , to get through the next day. I was always searching for a cooler part of the bed or I stuck my leg out from under the duvet cold it seemed to work to take away some of the heat of the pain.

    Take care with Ibuprofen that it doesn't affect your stomach. Check it is ok with other medicines.

    I hope the pain settles down, keep exercising though or your muscles will weaken and you will be less mobile in the future. The stretching videos on the website are great and help keep me active.

    There are loads of useful tips on the community I hope you get a chance to look round some more.