Hip Replacement Day 7

Should I be concerned that for the first time my leg is swollen and my ankle is like a balloon. 7 days after THR. Thanks.


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    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. We can't give you a medical answer at Versus Arthritis, so you need to speak to a health professional. Best to ring your surgeon's medical secretary and ask them to pass the question to one of the team. If you have a smart phone, take a picture and be ready to email it to the address they suggest.

    If taking a picture is not possible for you, see if a friend or member of your family can help, but don't wait to call the orthopaedic team as they are the experts.

    The last time I heard this question, the compression bandage was a bit tight and had to be removed, but I stress you must get advice from a health care professional (and the orthopaedic team if you can get hold of them). Failing them, ring your GP and request an urgent call back.

    Hip replacement surgery | Treatment options | Versus Arthritis

    Total Hip Replacement — Royal College of Surgeons (rcseng.ac.uk)

    I hope this helps.

    Guy - Helpline Team

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    Hi @Dianes1 If you are still concerned you should, as suggested by @helpline_team, speak to the medical professionals. However, I do remember a few days after hip replacement my leg swelled up. Sorry I can't remember how long it lasted but the swelling did go down without any need for additional treatment. Some sort of delayed reaction which I understand is quite common. I was self injecting anticoagulants whereas others wear compression stockings. After the operation it's important to move at regular intervals. My routine was to walk three times a day (gradually increasing the time and distance), get up for 5 minutes every hour rather than just sitting, do the recommended exercises and during the night I found I needed to get up three times to settle the leg muscles. It's hard work but it does pay dividends.

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    I would agree. Speak to your GP or the dept at the hospital. May be nothing but could be a collection of fluid. Make sure you do the exercises they gave you to do. That is crucial to keep the blood flowing, knee working and stopping fluid gathering. It can literally be a pain but it is very important.

    Remember knee surgery is major surgery. The worst part for me was the injections I had to give myself in my stomach, after coming home -ugh.

    Still do my exercises regularly even years after the op to keep the knee moving - and stop the rust .....!! (joking)

    Good luck.

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    Hi Roger and Moira, thanks for advice. Been using ice packs on leg and ankle and it is really going down today. I have had a hip operation Moira and see that yours was a knee. I have heard that is more painful than hip.

    Best day so far. So much more movement when I did my exercises today. Can now see a way forward.

    Absolutely hate the injections. Two more to go. Thanks again everyone.