Ups and downs

I had been feeling really good mentally and pretty good physically--life was looking much brighter. Then, yesterday, I bent over to use a dust pan after sweeping up in the kitchen and ended up screaming in pain from my arthritic hip. The rest of the day I could barely walk, and even going to bed early didn't help, as every movement to reposition had me shrieking again. Such is life with arthritis. Oh, and "memo to me": When I convince myself that I don't really need that hip replacement after all, I DO!


  • Airwave!
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    Our emotional state will often trailer along behind our physical state, we certainly can't be on the up all the time, the ups and downs of our emotional state (often referred to as our 'mental state' these days) are a normal part of life as a human being, nothing wrong just normal.

    Being aware of our physical state will lead us to an awareness of our emotional state and what is to come in the next few days or weeks. A good time in our lives to be more proactive and act before that dark cloud hits us, be kind to ourselves, reflect on what may otherwise creep up on us or just hit us for a six when least expected? We are the ones involved in our treatment and in case you hadn't worked it out yet, we can be more forceful, resourceful and active in our treatment than any professional help we receive, which these days is often just advice.

    life as an arther is a mix of advice, treatment and help we can give ourselves, a multi facetted approach, don't put all your faith in anyone thing.

    good luck.

    Its a grin, honest!

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    Sorry you're suffering - have you thought about getting a long handled dustpan and brush that you don't need to bend over to use? I had one in my office before I retired and it was brilliant - my husband does all the housework here so I left it there lol.

    Think it was less than a fiver from Wilkinsons (other cheap shops are available lol) but definitely worth its weight in gold.

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    Yep, know this all too well. I regularly end up in a heap on the floor when my back goes. My 2 yo son is so used to it now he just comes over and lays down next to me and pats my head or back or puts his face up to mine if im upside down. Something moves in my back and my knees buckle and down i go.