Still motorcycling

Well my arthritis in my hands is not getting any better so am looking to change my motorbike, maybe to one with auto changer (Honda DCT) or if not get a quickshifter fitted to make use of the clutch lever less. I'm also looking at downsizing to something a bit more manageable and lower as currently have an adventure style bike which is a bit tall. Just not sure what yet to get, but won't be changing until spring so got some time to decide and test-ride.


  • Keef
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    I’d go electric or big scooter, probably big scooter. Chatted to a couple of guys touring a few years back one on old (1990s) ZX10 other on big Burgman or similar. Weather was horrible and the scooter guy was all wrapped up in a waterproof zip up thing and he was warm, ZX10 guy was frozen and moaning about scooter out accelerating him up to 80mph coz it was automatic twist and go.

    Honda do a big adventure scooter Think that would be me if I dared risk my spine on the road again.

  • Whiteheart
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    I’ve had motorbikes nearly all my life, but with having r/a it’s made it impossible to have a bike any more, I’ve had both knees replaced, a new total left shoulder, 3 bones removed from my right hand, a gamma nail in my right leg, but then the r/a worked it’s way into my left foot stopping me from changing gears as my foot stopped bending up, and another biker in the club said he can get the gear shifter fitted to the handlebars, which was great but going for a ride out and pulling up at we’re ever, was a task just to get of it were my body had stiffened up, so I ended up calling it a day and sold my bike, that was a few years ago. But if your body isn’t stiffening up, get heated gloves, gear change fitted to the handlebars, or get an automatic ? I feel lost not having a bike any more, so do what you have to do before calling it a day biking. And good luck.

  • Face_ache
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    Thankfully, I only have OA in both knees, so I'm currently still riding, Not far, granted, but enough to keep me cheery.

    I don't do much winter motorcycling, used to, years ago, but that's way too painful for me now.

    I'd go for it, auto box, lower cc, heated grips, whatever keeps you mobile and keeps you interested.

  • Loggiemod
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    Thanks all - I intend to keep riding as long as I can, though also not much in winter now. Years ago I could not understand why people would want heated grips. Then I took my bike in for a service and had a loan bike with them fitted and tried them. So good I rang the workshop and got them fitted to my bike whilst they had it - always had them since😊

  • killg01
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    I just stumbled across this post so I'm a few weeks late on my comment.

    I've been riding for 25 years but I'm thinking of selling up due to Arthritis in my wrists and fingers. It's also getting more difficult throw my leg over it now. I've got Yamaha MT-09 which is a great bike, just getting a bit more difficult to live with.

    I had a look at the bike show at the NEC in November but nothing took my fancy. The big scooters are pretty smart these days but I'm not sure its me. I am coming to the conclusion that jacking it in might be the best option. It a shame though, anyone who's rides knows how great it can be. Probably just another change I've gotta make as I adjust to living with OA.