Rip off Taxi Prices

Does anyone else have the se problem as myself.

I have to use taxis when I'm unable to get somewhere by public transport, or I've got things to carry home that I can't manage.

There is a taxi firm in the city where I live who, I feel, really are taking advantage of certainly, my inability to gauge what is reasonable to charge, due to the price hikes in recent months.

I recently had a taxi to hospital. I was charged £4.50. 2.5 hours later, I rang the same firm for a taxi back. They said it would cost £18. That's just one example of many in the last few months with this particular company.

I tried complaining. The call centre refused to put me through to a manager.

I've tried other taxi firms, but they either have few cars on the side of the city where I live; or they only want medium to long distance pre bookings, not on the spur of the moment runs to get someone from A to B.

I have looked up the regulatory body for taxi. Google gave me the Competition and Marketing Authority. They have asked me to send through all the emails that have passed between me and the company concerned, and to put in writing all my concerns, which I will do.

I just find it so anxiety provoking to feel I'm being ripped off, with no means of being able to do anything about it. Does that make me a control freak? These firms always make you feel you want everything your own way, rather wanting people to play fair, when you are dependent upon them.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


I've got a similar issue with on line supermarket deliveries. I will raise that in another post.


  • Jewels
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    I use taxis all the time for going shopping or hospital appointments etc theres 3 different firms and only one have actually tried to keep their prices down the others really take the p***😂 because if its a busy time and cant get my usual firm who charge 5 pounds to get me from my house to asda i have to pay nearly 7 pounds which is a joke I've actually waited 45 minutes in asda just so I can get my usual firm to get back absolutely dreading the Xmas shop 🙄

  • Sheelee
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    Hi Jewels,

    I feel the frustration, and it's awful feeling you are at the whim and fancy of people who are no less than robbers.

    I accept that they had to put prices up, but £18 for a 2 mile journey clearly even shocked the Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA). And I think the crux of the problem where I live is there isn't another company to compete with them, so they think they can run roughshod over people. And do.

    The CMA are going to investigate the company fir their pricing practices. I'll see what difference it makes.

    If you're interested I will let you know any outcome to my complaint.


  • Jewels
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    Yh definitely because that is daylight robbery it is frustrating when you know you need these services xx 🤞

  • Keef
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    Excuse my ignorance but I thought all taxi or private hire vehicles had a meter that was calibrated and gives a running total of the amount the journey so far is costing for exactly this situation, or rather to prevent it.

    Certainly all the taxi type vehicles i have been in have had a meter.

  • CCM
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    @Sheelee do you have a Community Car scheme in you area? I drive for one in my area organised by the Parish Council. We give reasonably proced lifts for hospital, nursing home and doctors appointments for those without cars. See if thye can help.


  • speedalong
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    £18 for the same journey is shocking!

    S uses taxis with his PA to get to and from college. She pays by cash. If they charge more than 50p over the usual rate (and didn't go a different way to avoid temporary lights or have to wait more than 5 mins for him etc) his PA says what she usually pays is £8 and sorry she only has cash on her and so can't pay more.

    The community transport scheme sounds worth investigating.


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  • Baloo
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    Some taxi firms respond well to immediate call out. Some taxi firms respond well to pre-booking. This also depends on the stop and time of day. I quite enjoy experimenting to find out which firm responds best to what. I think two days in a row I pre-booked last week and the driver said I was their first pick up at the start of shift. It was near embarrassing they were charging the lowest possible metered fare compared to my usual hail and ride firm, and who knows what happens after that. But, it also felt far more civilised. I was able to step off my tram and straight into a taxi. I felt I was letting the taxi driver do a job to be proud of, providing a service.

  • It's worth trying to find out about Community transport in your area.

    I used to drive for a transport service that offered pre booked door to door £3 per trip. ie, £3 there then £3 back. £6 in total.

    wheelchair accessible vehicles that could get you in on the tail lift if walking up a ramp was an issue on a given day.

    Medical appointment trips could be booked in advance, all other trips, eg, shopping, hairdressers etc ring the previous day to book transport.

    Might be worth getting in touch with local council to ask if they know of any community transport services?

  • Trish9556
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    I would also speak to your local authority responsible for licensing taxi drivers/firns

  • Sheelee
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    Hi Keef,

    Maybe where you live, but not where I live. Having pushed and pushed them, I've got them to state their pricing policy under normal circumstances, but they have what they call "surge" periods. That's where it all becomes incredulous. That they will not explain. That's why I'm passing it on to the Ombudsman.


    Happy New Year