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We are looking for your Hints and Tips to be published in the Spring edition of Inspire Magazine

The article is about how the changing seasons can affect people’s arthritis symptoms and if heat/cold/damp make it worse, so can you offer any help with these questions:

How do the seasons affect your arthritis symptoms? Does the heat, damp or cold make it worse? Or better? 

Any top tips on how you manage your symptoms when the weather makes them worse?


Peter (Admin)

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  • Trish9556
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    I use Hot Hands or something similar for my hands when it's cold -they're brilliant, last 10-12 hours and small enough to put inside gloves and keep in pockets when out (or wearing gloves indoors).

    Don't get them in the shop, they're much cheaper on Amazon when you buy a box of them. I keep a few packets in my handbag and spread the love to fellow suffers when we get to chat.

  • noddingtonpete
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    Available from other sites as well, just google for the best offer

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  • Woofy
    Woofy Member Posts: 315

    I think the wet effects my Arthritis. I have noticed my pain increases when it is raining.

    wheat bags that you can heat in the microwave have really helped me. There are lots online to buy, but they are simple to make too.

  • Moira
    Moira Member Posts: 91

    With me, it's not just wet/damp weather but also humid weather in the summer that affects my arthritis.

    Oh, the joy of going to bed with a lovely electric blanket on!

    I wear insulated thick gloves when out and do hand exercises (from the wonderful OT at Llandough Hospital in Cardiff) which really helps and keeps the joints moving and the blood flowing.

    I try to keep moving, even small exercises such as moving my ankles and making my knees go up and down while sitting helps. Fir me the worst thing is not moving at all. Disaster!

    Thick woolly slippers are brilliant for my feet and working on my lap-top with it on my knees is heaven!!!

    Hope everyone finds what works for them.

  • Sheelee
    Sheelee Member Posts: 153

    I find that my arthritis doesn't like being stationery (first thing in the morning is literally a pain!) but also doesn't like moving tooooo much.

    I've done jobs around my home and thought I'm going to suffer for this tomorrow. But lo and behold, the next day I've been virtually pain free!

    Likewise, if I over do it or under do it, the opposite is true.

    My guess is its a case of working out what your body likes and doesn't. Trial and error isn't the most welcome way. Arthritis is a trial in itself. But it does seem to be the only way really.

    I use heat and cold treatment. It depends on if my legs feels very hot and inflamed, it use the cold bag. If it just feels very sore, I use the warm bag.

    Happy New Year Everybody,


  • TLee
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    I find that I have a terrible fear of falling and causing myself even more pain. Since I live in an area where winter means wet & sometimes icy conditions, going outdoors is scary during this season. The ironic thing is that I think being tense and changing my gait actually makes the pain my arthritic hip worse. I have been having difficulty convincing doctors and my insurance company here in the US that I need a hip replacement, so (more irony) if I did actually break my hip it might help me. Maybe I should take up ice-skating!

  • Woofy
    Woofy Member Posts: 315

    Hi TLee.

    know how you feel. We have had some horrible wet weather in the uk. It’s made walking my dog over muddy fields very difficult.

    I take a stick with me to steady myself. I am not sure if I fall, I’d be able to get up with my dodgy hips and knees. 😔

  • jamieA
    jamieA Member Posts: 740

    I know everyone is different but the colder it's been the more my joints ache. I used to be someone that didn't like the heat and when in warm climates on holiday I'd tend to overheat. However since first having PsA and then a heart issue my body temperature seems to have fallen. I now wear 3 layers on my top half whilst at home and when walking my dog I've normally got 5 layers on my top half and two layers on my bottom half as well as 2 pairs of gloves. I've bought long sleeved thermal t-shirts and long johns over the winter and I think they have certainly helped with my shoulder and elbow joints. I also wear compression gloves throughout the day - and wore them at night when the temperture was at it's lowest.

    I do wonder if all the medication I take is causing some of the issue. I had an appointment with a cardiologist in mid November and mentioned my cold hands and feet - I was wearing thermal socks in July! He said that he'd had a number of patients on the particular blood thinner I was on complain of the same issues so he changed the drug I was on and that's helped somewhat.

    I've certainly seen a difference in my energy costs as usage rose significantly on cold days. We had days where our energy usage was more than £20 for the day.

  • Baloo
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  • Cazm50
    Cazm50 Member Posts: 12

    I have reactive arthritis and i find movement helps.I go for a walk every day whatever the weather.Keeping warm helps especially with my hands.I take ibuprofen on a bad day the rest of the time i try to manage without.

  • Baloo
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    While trying to help my stiff knees I was looking for ways to keep them warm. I found a carpet pile cover facing under the duvet to be quite warm and snuggly, cuts out those weird draughts under the blanket, and feels lighter. Alas, I found the bed has to be made every day, otherwise the duvet starts to caterpillar up inside the cover., but I decided the extra comfort was well worth the effort.