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Hi peeps.

thinking of getting a new mattress for the spare room. Anyone know of a good medium firmness mattress that would be ok for achy joints? Just in case I am having a bad night, and not want to disturb my husband. I know mattresses are a personal preference, but there are so many out there to choose from. Thanks in advance. Oh and Merry Christmas all.🎄🎄


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    My personal choice discovered by accident.

    A double air mattress from decathlon. The one with the in built foot pump. Bought for when I used to go to Spain for winter on my motorcycle.

    I use it indoors now almost every night.

    I cover it with a thick double quilt and then a fitted sheet. It stops the air mattress taking the warmth out of you but it’s so comfortable. The secret is to put only just enough air in so that your body doesn’t touch the ground when laying. In fact in the instructions it says exactly that. It feels almost like you’re floating.

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    Hi @Woofy

    I bought a Sealy Posturepedic mattress a couple of years ago that I'd recommend. I bought it as I've got bulging discs in my kneck and lumbar region - it was just before I was diagnosed with PsA. Did you know that mattresses are a bit like clothes fashion in that they bring out new models regularly? There's now a market in selling off new last years model at a discount and that's where I got mine at just over a third of the original price. If you search online you'll find sites that specialise in this.

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    It’s not a mattress recommendation but I have a medium mattress with a memory foam slope on top at the head and a pillow under my legs. I have hip oa, waiting for replacement. This allows me to get into and maintain a comfy position which works for me. Before, I piled up pillows - I still have pillows on the slope but not so many and it all stays put better. Good for my breathing and heart, too.

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