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I’m a 65 year old man now in excellent health again. After contracting covid in July I then began to develop joint pain starting in my fingers and eventually expanding to arms, shoulders neck and pelvis. This progressed to the stage where I could not sleep, dress myself and hardly cut my own food up. NHS, God bless em, diagnosed Arthritis and said I needed an x ray and ultrasound. This could take some months.

I decided to go private. I was x rayed and ultrasound within three weeks. During that three weeks the pain was excruciating. Specialist prescribed Prednisolone steroids. These worked within three days, although I realise they have their side effects. I’m posting this to help others as I got assistance with my condition by reading others experiences.

once my condition was diagnosed by private health, my meds were supplied by my GP. I am retired but have a good pension and therefore very lucky. I would just like to let people know who may be considering going private how much they can expect to have to spend. It has cost me £3000 and I am on the point of being handed back to my GP for future treatment as there is something called a ‘Shared Care Protocol’ where private and NHS combine to provide treatment. This may help others considering this course of action.

Now I am about to stop steroids and if necessary go onto something called Methatrexate. I am back to cycling 30miles and gentle jogging so there is hope out there.

I hope this is helpful, Merry Christmas.


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    Hi @Crizmiff

    Thank you for your interesting post, I am sure other members will find it helpful.

    I attach a link to methotrexate which gives you basic information about it. Lots of us take MTX and most manage it without problems but as you may well know not everything suits everybody and there are alternatives for your consideration in the future .

    Best wishes

    Poppyjane (Moderator)

    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    For long term medication I have been prescribed with - Dihydrocodeine 30mg and Naproxen 500mg.

    These are reviewed every 12 months. I have been taking them now for about 11 years.

    They do seem to help quite a bit. I would like comments on these though.

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    @Crizmiff - i hope things are still going well now that you're off the pred.

    @Beamer - I've replied to your own thread. I took an anti-inflammatory such as naproxen, topped up with dihydrocodeine for years because, when I was first diagnosed with RA, modern DMARDS weren't on offer. They helped a little but certainly didn't hold back the disease so I ended up with OA as well.

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