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Hello , I have severe osteoarthritis in both shoulders and knees .I am having a reverse shoulder replacement soon then after 3 months all being well the other shoulder and then new knees .

I am really concerned about all of these operations and how I will cope and recover ,has anyone had similar operations and any advice please ,especially any aids I should buy .

Thankyou Annie


  • Ellen
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    Hello @Grannyannie

    I see you have a reverse shoulder replacement very soon and are feeling understandably nervous about the operation.

    You need to hear from @lindalegs and @crinkly they have both had this surgery.

    Hopefully one or both will see your post and pop along to offer you some reassurance.

    Do please let us know how things go for you.

    Best wishes Ellen.

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    WOW! You'll be a new woman! I've had knees and hips done but no shoulders. I would just advise you to take one step (op?) at a time, do all prescribed exercises and try not to fret.

    I managed to find @lindalegs 's very good account of her reverse shoulder replacèment here

    She has RA like me. I don't know if that makes any difference. I couldn't find Crinkly"s account of hers but they are both very approachable if you feel like sending either a PM.

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    Hello @Grannyannie

    I know just how you're feeling as we're all very nervous before any type of surgery and reverse shoulder replacement is a serious procedure. I felt just the same as you. My surgery was just over 2 years ago and I did write a detailed thread for people like yiou who face the same operation. This link should take you there but I warn you it is a long read as I do go on a bit! 😅

    This is the link to Crinkly's thread on the same subject. This could be more akin to your situation as she also has oesteoarthritis. Crinkly's account started earlier than mine but I know she helped me a lot when I read it priior to my own surgery.

    Things may have changed a little since we received our new shoulders but I think the basic experience will be very similar to ours. If you have any specific questions please ask, as you may help others in the future.

    Love, Legs xx

    Love, Legs x
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    Have just spotted your thread so this is to say I am, like Lindalegs, also still upright and functioning after TRSR three years ago.

    I have widespread OA diagnosed in my 40s and affecting many joints. By now I'm late 70s and use a wheelchair outdoors but am lucky in that progression of my OA has been slow and I've managed without any other major ops - just a couple of smaller surgeries on knees and the other shoulder. My left shoulder TRSR was a result of OA plus a fall that fractured the head of humerus. Because of OA complications I was warned that the fracture repair might not be successful and it soon resulted in Avascular Necrosis. Thus I needed two big shoulder ops within 15 months, which I wouldn't describe as much fun!.

    I don't have full range of movement now but was told this was likely and have quite enough shoulder mobility to be completely independent. Can't say I am totally pain free either 'tho everything is way better than before surgery so I have absolutely no regrets and am very grateful to the surgical team concerned. Recovery was slow but I had great physio support, learned to adapt as necessary and still find range of movement marginally increasing with daily activity.

    By all means read my thread and don't hesitate to ask questions. Of course you will be anxious ahead of the surgery - especially knowing that the other shoulder will need surgery too - but my ploy was to be thankful that I live at a time when TRSR is possible with the techniques and prosthetics always improving. Without it I knew that I would have a totally useless shoulder and arm so I had no hesitation and put all my focus into the work needed for as full a rehab as possible.

    My very best wishes and hopes that you have as good an outcome as I have had.