Just been diagnosed with arthritis in my ankles


I can be fine for a couple of months then it flares up and I can hardly walk, is there anything I can do to stop it from flaring up


  • Ellen
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    Hello @matt10012 welcome to the online community.

    I see from your post that you have Arthritis (I am presuming Osteoarthritis?) in your ankles and are looking at ways people prevent flares.

    While you wait for someone to come along with experience of ankle Arthritis I am going to attach a couple of links which might help:

    This one is about exercises you can do which might help:

    My best wshes


  • Baloo
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    I find my ankles are hit badly by a couple of things, so I sometimes have to hold my horses a bit. Walking too far. Standing up too long in one place. Not walking far enough is also a factor, as the sudden change from too much resting to too much walking seems to set off a mild flare up. I think the serious flare ups from overdoing things for a long time need to be avoided, as they are too painful and too draining, but the general aches and pains, they will always be coming and going.

  • movingslowly

    Those exercises posted look good.

    I have to limber up my ankles on first waking so they'll bend and they've always clicked loudly descending the stairs - whether limbered up or not.

    Was looking for exercises to stretch, loosen and strengthen. Thank you.

  • CCM
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    Hi Mat10012. My watch reminds me to get up and walk for a couple of minutes every hour that stops anything siezing up. There is nmo way round the first stagger of the day to the loo, though.

    On the plus side, not standing for a while is a good excuse to miss the washing up!