RA & a Worcester Bosch Combi boiler -Ouch!

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Big Problem with their hard to insert/remove repressurisation key. It’s not a disability friendly design where you need to keep this key in a drawer, & then insert for a few seconds particularly in winter.

It was really hard to insert/remove before RA, now it’s a nightmare and this time it’s stuck inside.

I don’t want to try to force it out, in case I break something in winter, on the boiler or my poor joints…

Anyone got any experience of the key not being removed? See photo…

I really hate this design.


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    Ouch indeed!

    According to Mr SW it can be left in as long as it's not in the on position ie not constantly topping it up. He says ours was in whèn the technician came foŕ its annual service and he didn't remark on it. And he left it in.

    Mr SW isn't infallible! Maybe check when you can. But my bet is you're safe.

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    We had a repressurisation key for our boiler at our old house - a right faff. The boiler before that had a filling loop - much easier. You could ask whoever services your boiler to change it over or do as Stickywicket suggests and just leave it on place.

    Check the manual or here https://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/files/news/System_filling_guide.pdf to ensure everything is in the right position though before leaving it in.

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    Doesn't it look deceptively simple to turn the key so the arrow lines up with the open padlock instead of the closed padlock and then pull it out. I presume the point is that arthritis no longer allows that to happen. I changed a few tap washers since I got arthritis, and began to realise I don't know how much force I am using. How do I feel how much force is being applied or when does something start to give way. Usually not enough force because its too painful, but if I used a tool, how would I know whats too much force.

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    I had this boiler a few years back and had the same problem with the key being stuck. As mentioned by the service engineer, it is safe to leave it in as long as it is not in the on position.

    I now have a newer version of said same boiler and there is now a light blue lever which does not come out and you just need to pull the lever up slightly to top up, then lower it back down. These things are sent to try us🙄

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    Such wonderful and experienced help from each of you, @stickywicket @speedalong @Fran54 In the end I did indeed leave it in, but using the advice here, in the unlocked padlock position (I never know what it means, unlock water ingress, or unlock key, as depending on what it means, the opposite action needs to be taken).

    @Baloo My thoughts exactly, I tried pulling in both positions and it would not budge. Arthritis makes force judgement impossible and I started worrying about pulling off the whole boiler off its moorings or breaking the key, (seen YouTube vids about broken off key), but then realised my joints were the weakest link!

    All that said, this design must be so bad that someone made a YouTube video about this very specific issue.

    I left it in the unlocked position, and a day later it came out with just a gentle tug.

    Thanks all!


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    Arthuritis, thanks for the update. Glad all is sorted now.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Happy New Year @Arthuritis 😊

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    Back at ya @frogmorton !