Knee osteoarthritis

Hi new here and just wondering if anyone has any advise , I have Osteoarthritis in my right knee but I’m also getting as well as the frontal knee pain I’m getting pain I down the side of the right ankle too not sure what that is and if it is connected it’s worse when I walk ?


  • Fran54
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    Hi Louie123

    like you I too have Osteoarthritis in my right knee. I also get a dull ache down the outside of my right leg between the knee and ankle. Mine tended to start when I was doing my physio exercises, but also when doing a bit of gardening or longer walks than usual. I was putting it down to overdoing the exercises etc. It seems to come and go but if I take a painkiller that does help a bit. Are you on any pain meds and do you have physio exercises to do ?

    It all feels like a bit of a guessing game trying to find out the answers to these problems. Hopefully someone else on here can enlighten us both.

    Take it easy and take care.🙂

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    Makes sense i suppose I know my MIL had knee pain when it was actually her hip that needed replacing. the muscles and joints further down must be bearing some of the brunt.

    I think doing the exercises for the knee on this site might be a good idea?

    But gently (they are gentle anyway)

    Take care

    Toni x

  • Hi @Louie123

    Thank you for posting on the online community and welcome.

    I am sorry to hear about the osteoarthritis in your right knee and the frontal pain you are experiencing, as well as your ankle. I hope the comments from @Fran54 and @frogmorton are helpful.

    You might like to ask the GP about the frontal pain and ankle pain just to check things out, and also a referral to physio if you are not already having any. The exercises can really help with mobility and pain, you could also check out a cream called Capsaicin, which is only on prescription that might be helpful too.

    Best wishes


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    I’ve got OA in my left knee and I’ve just had an appointment with the consultant well in 2025 I will be having a knee replacement and I will be 59 ! In some ways it’s good but in other ways I’ve never been so scared . I still work but it is hard but I’m stubborn old mule . My pain is on the inside now bone upon bone and I limp all the time . I’ve put having a knee replacement off for a long time don’t put it off speak to GP

  • Hi @crackpot

    Thank you for posting on our on-line community, we are sorry to hear that you have OA of the left knee.

    We are pleased to hear that you have managed to get an appointment for a knee replacement, even though it is in 2025, we can only assume it is due to the long waiting list and really hope that you are able to manage your condition in the meantime. Always speak to your GP or pharmacist for help with treatments and medication.

    Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition that affects our joints and the reason it is bone on bone is because the cartilage has deteriorated so the bone may rub against one another this can cause a grating and grinding sensation called (crepitus). The joints can become weak and less supportive so often a walking aid may help and give you a little bit more confidence when walking.

    It is more than understandable that you feel anxious about the operation many people do but there is a lot of benefits to having the operation - freedom from pain - improved mobility.

    Wishing you all the best for your future operation.

    Best wishes


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