RA, Sciatica and positive thoughts needed

Hi, needing some positive thoughts and advice please. I am usually a very optimistic person but the last few months have been tough. I was diagnosed with RA in November 2021, currently on MTX 25, and about to start Adalimubab 40 (sorry if that is spelt wrong). I am having to use a walking stick and driving is difficult; not helped by my developing sciatica in my right leg in October. Physio have pretty much just said do the exercises and discharged me. So of course every time I cough or sneeze my poor leg just spasms and it is worse around the knee and ankle.

I am struggling to adapt to this new way of life, my family and work colleagues are being fantastic, I guess it is just me finding it hard to accept things. Putting on two stone isn't helping either! Does anyone who has RA and sciatica have any tips to help please?

Thanks for reading my mutterings, it has actually helped a wee bit just to put this down in writing :-).


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    Hi Neugle.

    totally know where you are coming from. I was diagnosed last year. Like you mine came on suddenly.

    I have been struggling with increased pain this past two weeks. I think the damp has a lot to do with it.

    like you I am struggling to adjust to RA mentally, having been a very active person. I am in my 60s, but have never felt my age.

    that is until now. I get frustrated when I can’t do stuff, and when I don’t sleep.

    today though for some reason, I decided I was going to try to be more in control. I’ve cleaned the fridge out, done some tidying up, and pottered about. I am refusing to let the pain stop me doing stuff. The hospital rang earlier, and have offered me an appointment with the rheumatologist next Monday, it’s a review.

    This RA has taken it out of me, but I am determined it isn’t going to define me. What meds are you on? I’m on Sulphsalazine and naproxen, I’ve also had two courses of steroids in the past. Don’t lose hope hang in there. Contact your GP or Rheumatology department if things are unbearable.

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    Hi there,

    It's a lot to get your head round so don't beat yourself up about it. (It'll only hurt even more😆)

    I've had RA for most of my life. It's certainly liveable with but much more easily once we're on the right meds or meds combo. Give yourself time and don't try for exactly what life was like before. Be prepared to adapt and to take up new, 'doable' things to compensate for any you can no longer do. That's how I've found some really good stuff.

    Try to get hold of the weight. It really will help to eat healthily. I find it's easier to not buy things than to deny myself once they''re there. But I do keep chocolate biscuits, mostly for visitors, in a tin that's hard to open on a shelf that's hard to reach!

    I've had sciatica twice. First time was in the final month of my second pregnancy when my son had made himself comfy by sitting on my sciatic nerve. Childbirth cured that😊 A rather drastic cure😆 Second time I saw our practice physio who told me that exercises, done asap and conscientiously, could cure it. I was doubtful but did fhe exercises and that was all about 20 years ago. No sciatica since.

    It might not be so simple for everyone. Mr SW's golfing partner has to take time off every so often to deal with a bout.

    Here's hoping you're like me and can just get rid of it. RA is quite enough without any extras!

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    morning 😁

    It's PANTS ! isn't it?

    I'm a noob to an RA diagnosis and also what I thought may have been sciatica. My consultant had a look at some test results (xray, MRI) and concluded I had arthritis in my sacral joint. It walks like sciatica and quacks like sciatica but was in fact Sacroilitis... which still arses about with the nerves in ya butt, legs/ankles.

    I still haven't quite got my head around my own body trying to systematically destroy itself and am a drama queen of the first order with thoughts such as 'NOOOOO I'm not ready for the knackers yard' and repeatedly feeling betrayed by my own carcass. I've fed it healthy stuff, I've exercised it, I've followed recommendations to keep it in good order and BAM !! Have that !! - A whole host of diagnosis that have me reframing my perspective on invincibility - which I've seen my **** over. Figuratively speaking... it would take me the best part of two days to twist around to see my own **** !

    Nope. Not happy at all. And apologetic for my going off on a ranting tangent when my intention was to offer you empathic, positive vibes.☺️

    Don't know which emoji is for positive vibes so, 💐 (bunch of flowers instead)

  • Neugle
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    Thank you all - your comments made me smile :-). The biologics didn't arrive this week (problem with the prescription apparently), so still sticking with metoject and paracetamol but think I will go back to my GP to see what they can do. Kind of feel I have a revolving door to my health centre just now!

    Love your suggestion of a high shelf Stickywicket, as I am only 5 foot 4 that shouldn't be difficult to find! :-)

    Thanks again :-)