Odd symptoms plus rise in pain levels

Are there other problems that go along with osteoarthritis? I'm asking because I've had a set of weird symptoms twice in the last couple of months - nausea, passing out, upset stomach, palpitations, shivering to name a few - and both times raised pain levels everywhere.

The first time was really bad and it took me 2 hours to get from the bathroom floor to my phone to call for help because I kept passing out, the second time just recently was less severe and I've managed on my own.

For want of a better idea, I put that first episode down to a winter bug or something I had eaten but now it's happened twice with the same rise in pain levels I'm wondering whether it could be related to OA in any way? Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them?


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    I can't relate this to either my OA or my RÀ but, if you haven't had it checked out by a medical professional, I would. If you have, what did they say. Could it be something you'd eaten? Drunk? Combination of meds or dietary supplements that interacted? I hope you can sort it. Asap.

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    Pain levels can be elevated if you’re feeling generally unwell, but I haven’t heard of these symptoms being related to arthritis. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you speak with your GP.

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    Hello @stickywicket and @Lilymary thanks for your replies. I'm not on any medication and don't take supplements and hadn't drunk or eaten anything different from normal or suspect in any way. I'll take both of your advice and speak to my GP - thanks for your help, best wishes for the new year.

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    From my very very limited knowledge of this I would think from my own experience that this may fit with neck problems.

    you didn’t say where your arthritis is

    i have had similar but milder symptoms to yourself when my neck has been bad. Especially nausea and temperature regulation problems and dizziness.

    i hope you find the answers from your doctor.

    best wishes.

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    Definitely check with a doctor. I just did a quick search to see if chronic pain can affect the heart, as the symptoms you describe sound to me like some that I experienced due to cardiac arrhythmia. Turns out, pain can raise blood pressure and increase strain on the heart. Do you have a way of checking bp at home? It could also be related to anxiety--perhaps when the pain increases you become more anxious. I'm not a doctor, and don't even play one on TV, so best to see a real one!

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    @Keef thank you for your reply, it's very interesting you have experienced similar issues as a result of neck problems, it is a possibility for me too because I've recently been having problems with my shoulders and back and things like turning my head to look behind me. Up till very recently it was mainly my elbows, knees, hands and feet. I'm planning to see my GP soon so hopefully she will be able to shed some light on things, it's a bit disconcerting how things seem to be getting worse pretty quickly. best wishes

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    @TLee thanks for your reply and for taking the time to look online. You are right that I have issues with anxiety and depression but hadn't thought that they could affect my heart. I'm very active so had just assumed that meant good heart health.

    No I can't check my blood pressure at home but funnily enough I' was wondering whether I have low blood pressure the other day - after a google suggested some of my symptoms could be caused by it. I also have a problem with tinnitus and recent hearing loss and am seeing an audiologist next week (not that I'm falling apart or anything!) so I thought I'd see whether that could have anything to do with the whole dizzy, nausea thing first before going to the GP. What a joy growing old is! best wishes

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    It sounds like you might still be working out what this malady is @Izzy72 so you can at least tell the doctor what you tried and what did work or what didn't work. It sounds like some kind of attack. I used to get migraines which are similar except boy did they come with a headache like death, but maybe thats what they are, and the arthritis is making them feel different. (I wouldn't know as my migraine attacks have stopped). However, since I have been getting arthritis attacks I can at least see similarities in the pattern of attacks, particularly how they happen at weekends when I am trying to relax. I used to call those, relaxation migraines. Only the doctor can provide a course of treatment. When I first went to the doctor with migraines he asked me how often they were happening. I said three times a week and he nearly fell off his chair.

  • Baloo
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    Which reminds me that basic equipment is available from the chemist. My Mrs is into home help, so has bought a blood pressure meter ages ago. The doc has asked me to send in a set of blood pressure readings, so I better get that done.

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    Hi, I hope you're managing to work things out? If not, huge hugs.

    I had exactly the same thing! The first time I saw my surgeon about having a trapeziectomy for the arthritis in my thumb.

    He gave me a steroid injection in my thumb for pain relief as I was in a lot of pain but straight into the joint without the aid of x-ray or ultrasound to guide him. (Every one after this was guided).

    I went home, and still hurting like hell and had a bath.

    When I got out, and before I could even dry myself I came over dizzy sweaty, felt sick and promptly passed out on the bathroom floor.

    My husband called an ambulance and it appeared that alongside the extremely high pain levels (think I could quite easily have chopped my hand off) my potassium level was extremely low land also my blood pressure dropped.

    I've had an almost identical attack but without the extreme pain being a factor but during a bit of a heatwave in 2018, into extremely cold shops and then out into the heat on repeat did it again. (Possibly the change of temperature like getting it if the bath?)

    Again low potassium and low blood pressure.

    I have since been told to eat two bananas a day to overcome my potassium diving and I now do this despite hating the things. If I feel a bit iffy again I dive straight into the fruit bowl.

    Saying all this, I do have a history of temporal lobe epilepsy which could be a factor but seizures are very rare (4 in the last 40 years) I know these attacks are not a seizure as they're completely different to the hundreds I spent the first 25 years if my life having and for which consultants are happy to discharge me with no meds for the last 40 years. (DVLA think differently though).

    If any of this rings any bells with you try eating some bananas. They just might help.

    I would suggest though if you have another dial 999 so they can run the necessary tests.

    Trish xx

  • Izzy72
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    @Trish9556 oh my goodness your experiences sound so familiar. Thank you for replying to my post, it's really helpful to know someone else has had a similar thing happen and it not be related to any kind of digestive issue. The worst part both times was that I had no warning at all, everything happened so suddenly which made me wonder about low blood pressure but I hadn't thought of potassium so yes lots of bells ringing and lots of bananas on my shopping list! Thank you so much.

    Incidentally my sister had a form of epilepsy when she was in her late teens early twenties and she would just fall off her chair or sink to the ground, she wasn't allowed to drive for many years. best wishes xx

  • Trish9556
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    Weird that there's a family connection with epilepsy, the curse if my life. Let me know if the bananas work xx