Finger joint replacment

Hi I’m new to this site but most grateful for it. Wondering if anyone has had finger joint replacement surgery? I have finally given in with the constant pain in my index finger on my right hand. It’s affecting every part of my life with constant ‘I cants’. I can’t use a key in front door, can’t make meals etc due to the swelling and pain. Have emailed my Rheumy pictures and asked for more help. Have researched joint replacement and wondered if any of you have had this?


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    Hi @Sarahjb

    Welcome and thank you for joining our online community! :)

    While waiting to hear from your rheumatologists and others on here, you can also ask your GP to refer you to an occupational therapist for further support. You mention having trouble with using keys and making meals, an occupational therapist may be able to help with supporting you with getting aids, adaptations and gadgets etc.

    Do keep us updated and don't hesitate to call the helpline if you have any questions or want a chat with an advisor: 0800 5200 520.

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    I've had hips and knees replaced but just stuck it out with fingers. They have eventually fused themselves or gone hypermobile but don't actually hurt any more.

    Have a read here about hand surgery You are certainly doing the right thing by talking to your rheumatologist. Personally, I'd want to know how long they're likely to last.

    I know how tough it can be when painful fingers don't work. There are lots of aids on the market though. I've used key turmers for many years. Also electric can and jar openers. (These are now mainstream.) There are ways and means to deal with stuff.

    I hope I don't sound too defeatist but there are no quick fixes for an inflammatory arthritis. Do explore all avenues with your rheumatologist and good luck with whatever decision you come to.

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    Hi sticky wicket, sorry only just found your reply. What is a key turner?

    never heard of it


  • Hi Sarahjb

    I wish I had answers for you. I have been looking for similar advice. This year I am finding the pain in my right index finger at times almost unbearable. I feel for the first time quite hopeless & usually I can just get on with it but not at the moment.

    I have psoriatic arthritis & osteoarthritis mainly affecting my fingers (DIP & PIP joints only) Diagnosed very late so I have extensive joint damage & although now on Methotrexate can’t reverse damage already done. The medication has helped me enormously & the occasional steroid injection into some

    of the joints have enabled me to continue working. I have been told that there is not space now to inject into the right index finger joint so unlikely to give me relief.

    I am 55 & feel too early to have joint replacement as no assurance as to how long they last & also wonder how effective they are. I don’t want to lose the little mobility I have with this finger. I would love to find someone who has had a PIP finger joint replaced & how it was for them.

    would love to know how you are managing & whether you have received any good advice from your rheumatologist ? Sticky wicket’s suggestions I have found very helpful - I am trying to find ‘work-arounds’ for tasks. I think the turn key are what I use which is a larger winged device to fit over a key so easier to turn without putting too much pressure on fingers. I’ve fitted them to keys at work too!

    I hope you are finding some support & relief & just wanted to say you are not alone - it helps me to know others are out there & although no solutions helps to discuss how we feel. Thank you for posting x