Knee replacement

Hello, I’m new to the group and arthritis.

it’s took 18m to be told I have arthritis in my knee and I had physio for 6m before going on the waiting list to see a consultant who I saw and had a steroid injection in March 2022 which crystallised and I ended up on crutches and unable to drive until I had an arthroscopy early August 2022.

this has not worked and in pain constantly despite doing all the exercises it’s going back to how it was but the consultant keeps saying I’m too young for a replacement even though he agreed I was borderline for replacement.

I’m 52 and just want to be able to walk my dogs I feel like no one is listening and keep being told to give the exercises time as the recovery from the arthroscopy will be longer due to the knee being so bad. Im struggling to work, it’s really hard on my relationship as I’m unable to be sporty and outdoorsy as I was and in debt after having to buy an automatic car and I just can’t seem to see an end to this. It’s now in my hands/fingers and waiting to have these looked at.

has anyone been in a similar situation and can offer any advice

thank you


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    Hi @MissP98

    Welcome to the online community, I hope you find it a helpful resource and a source of encouragement. So sorry to hear that the pain is starting to make you feel low, it is so tough sometimes to say the least dealing with a condition like arthritis on a daily basis and also not being able to find a treatment option that gives you some relief. Hoping the management section in the link below may offer some help.

    You might also find some further help here in our section about managing your pain

    If you haven't already you could also ask your GP about a referral to a pain management clinic and perhaps look at the 'Escape pain' programme- you can find this on our website or the 'Lets move with leon' programme.

    We are a supportive community and am sure others may also have some suggestions.

    Thanks for your message

    Best wishes

    Gillian - Moderator

  • MissP98
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    Thank you will look interesting all this

    nice to know your not alone 😊

  • MissP98
    MissP98 Member Posts: 6

    Thank you, will look at the information. Its good to know your not alone 😊