A gloomy do.

I'm having a proper 'gloomy-do' today. I'm looking forward to the day being over.

I'm not naturally pessimistic. I can usually flip my mood, look for the silver lining or 'lesson' and remain hopeful and cheery.

Today sucks. I think the penny is dropping re: R.A. (on top of other dxs) competition for part time work is fierce which triggers stress thus triggering a host of twangs, twinges, swellings and shenanigans.

I don't seem to be able to get my head around my carcass going downhill from here on. A disease whose effects will worsen over time.

Yep. I'm having a proper gloomy-do😕


  • Woofy
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    Hi moving slowly.

    sorry you are feeling down today. It is hard coming to terms with it all.

    I think you have to allow yourself these down days. I always feel people will think I am feeling sorry for myself, but the pain and loss of normal mobility is very real. I’m keeping a journal so I can get it all out on paper. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  • frogmorton
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    Oh this is not like you is it @movingslowly


    Maybe today is feeling a bit less pessimistic? Although looking out of the window maybe not🙄

    Getting an RA diagnosis is such a biggie isn't it? the added pressure of needing to work and the stress that brings doesn't help at all.

    I hope your medication helps and your outlook is much better than you fear. Mine has been I wrote myself off wouldn't plan anything became an arthritis bore and much much more, but i am still here over 16 years later still pretty well on my feet.

    sending you some ((()))

    Toni xx

  • Fanx 🥰

    I think it frustration over the decreasing options for work too.

    I could ignore my limits, cross my fingers, legs, eyes, roads etc and apply for everything, hoping that I'll be okay. But in reality I know I wont. There's a price to pay for what used to be normal but is now classed as over doing it.

    I believe the DMards may currently be doing something other than raging nausea and headaches. I live in hope I can have some of my life back 🤞🏼