Good news – Be Kind and Be Happier

It’s official

Not that we need such advice on here as our purpose on being here is to help others but it’s nice to have it confirmed by research that being kind to others helps those with depression or anxiety more than Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or planning social activities.

Right, I’d better be kind to someone. Maybe I should start with Mr SW who kindly took me to my scan appointment today. Something nice (by his standards rather than mine) for his meal this evening? I think he deserves it.

If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
Steven Wright


  • Trish9556
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    Never a truer words was said!

    Beans on toast for his dinner? Apparently a healthy option unless you listen to the dont eat that brigade and have lashings of butter and loads of cheese on a thick doorstep of bread!

    That's being nice lol

    Have a a good day

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx