Pain vurses movement

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My inflamitory arthritus is still not under control, its mostly my knees I go to a hydrotherapy pool each week and I am not sure how much to push my knees. Also is it ok to walk when my knees are so stiff.


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    The hydro will be good for you but, I agree, it's hard to know, in the pool, how much to do because, supported by the water, things feel easier and it would be easy to do too much. Do you have a physio advising you?

    I think, although we can all do more in the water, what we do on the other days is what will make it really help or not. I'd guess you've been given quad exercises to do also. I'd say make sure you do them every day, several repetitions (Your physio will advise). I've always found walking essential insofar as cooking, laundry, cleaning etc have to be done. When my knees were at their worst my sons were young. But the exercises are the really important things for the arthritis as they strengthen the muscles which support the joints and they also help keep the joints lubricated.

    Let's know how it all goes.

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    Thanks for your comments, I am not overdoing it in the pool, but trying to do full range of movement, and having a relaxing float in the warm water.