Knee support and walking

Hello all - I have oa in left knee. Diagnosed 6 months ago but no physio or ot referral. I also have high blood pressure and looking to get back into walking. Can anyone recommend a lightweight knee support? I don't want anything too restrictive but just a support. Thanks everyone!


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    I think you need to go back to your Dr and ask for a referral to a physio who will help you and give you some exercises. There are some exercises in here as well. Knees like hips are vital and need to be kep working. I had a knee injury and problem years ago and took ages to fix. I found knee supports uncomfortable so kept with the exercises . Dr should offer help but must dont unless you pester them

    Trish xc

  • Thanks for the reply. Not sure how successful gp route will be but will give it a try. I was given my xray referral and then results over the phone so haven't even seen the gp!

  • Hi @Lavender63

    From Oct 22 (last year) referrals to MSKcats have to go through GP. (MSKcats used to be a self referral service)

    You could contact your GP practise and explain experiences then ask to be referred or for guidance on knee supports.

    Alternatively if you have the Patient Access app there are private physio assessment and treatments options offered within the app.

    I've recently been having a quick look at them and in my area an initial physio assessment was £38 - * I don't know what other charges will be added to that, if any*

    To date I don't use supports (canes, strapping) so am unable to offer any recommendations 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply. I don't know what MSKcats is I'm afraid. I live in Scotland and NHS is terrible for the most part. No way I could afford any private physio so I will just do what I can.

  • It's MSK in Scotland. The NHS website has listed which areas offer which service.

    Hope it's of some help 🙂

  • Thanks - don't know what MSK is either. I'll Google it! x

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    Hi @Lavender63

    I don't know which part of Scotland you are in but I'm in Glasgow and physiotherapy access is via self referral. Here's the NHS Scotland website and if you look it's broken down by area health board.

    I have psoriatic arthritis and according to my rheumatologist this has caused OA in both my knees - my left worse than my right. I use an elasticated knee support on my left knee and a tubigrip on my right. I think it depends on which physio you see as to whether they think knee supports help. I certainly think it helps my knees.

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    I would be inclined to phone 111 if necessary., and let them assist with immediate advice, what protocol to use and what referral. I don't hear much said about them but I used them twice when I really had to, and found it was a pretty close equivalent to booking myself straight into Accident and Emergency.

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    Hi @Lavender63 I use knee braces, and compression supports. Argos have good compression supports by neo-g. For knee braces a good site is physio . Hope this helps