Inflammatory Arthritis Flares in rotator cuff tendons


Anyone get flare-ups in rotator cuff tendons? I can sometimes link them to exercise/repetitive movement but now avoid most of those things and really don’t understand it as it’s not around joint at all. Heat relieves it usually. Pain starts late afternoon and is worse - often intense - at night.


  • Baloo
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    Yes and no. The hospital scans and physio results did a real good job of telling me where the problem positions are in my shoulders. I found that correcting my posture was a good enough idea to get my shoulders under control. My shoulders only flare up now when I am more at risk of a general flare up. My evening flare ups are from how far I walked during the day, and yes even though I can't place where the pain is coming from, I know it was from the walking, and the evening cold ache and stiffness is all over everywhere and is enough to get me swearing and cursing.

  • Goldfinch
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    Did you get physio through hospital? My consultant was very dismissive.

  • Baloo
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    Yes. I was referred to acute ward in hospital, followed by tests, and part of the treatment afterwards was physio advice by telephone consultation, until I was discharged. That appears to be how it worked during COVID. If I wanted physio now I would make a case for it and ask. I did try once but ran out of steam as I seemed to be coping without it.