Love to go to a Gym?

Hi All,

I would love to go to a Gym? I used to go to a Gym to lose weight and to get fit, its a Vicious circle Its so, difficult to walk iam In a wheelchair so called friends say Nothings Impossible? and they are right to a degree. I cant walk, so much pain with my legs Cant lose weight, its difficult frustration to the Extreme I try but it is Impossible well I think so` and I wont be dissuaded its that simple fact of life My Gp isn't that helpful, he, is very good at saying iam obese that makes me angry he is right dont really want the fact that iam a Bloody Whale, rammed down my throat all the time, a Gp see things in Black and White, if I lost weight doubt if I would get prase? from him

Anyway There's no magic wand to stop any pain, wish there was I get cracking and locking noises from the legs I have tried every pain killer on the market to no success I have no girlfriend or anyone to Confide in very Difficult for me, But I will struggle on regardless as I always do. I think this websites great, good to talk to people in the same Boat as me

Take care All. I mean it Sincerley to every Body suffering with Arthritics it is Not easy, United we stand Divided we fall?


Chris John Morhen

West Sussex


  • Hello @Thehighwayman63

    I'm not in a wheelchair but I get where you're coming from. From being active to restricted activity. Sometimes the restrictions can feel like a loss of liberty and no end of frustration.

    As for the weight gain, working out at a gym is only half of it. A combination of factors at one stage saw me go up three dress sizes quickly. I felt somewhat restricted in mobility so had to look at changing and cutting back on food.

    Losing vast amounts of weight quickly is unhealthy. Chasing progress, not perfection, over three to six or even 12 months is better for you.

    I do understand the frustrations involved though. Your journey begins with your first steps.

  • SharminB
    SharminB Moderator Posts: 90

    Hi Chris @Thehighwayman63

    Welcome and thank you so much for joining our online community 😊

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with the GP and the pain and symptoms you're experiencing. This is never helpful to hear when trying to be proactive in taking care of your health and wellbeing, and as you've mentioned, frustrating.

    And keeping active and moving in any way is good. We have people who might be able to run, other can manage walks, and others may find it easier to do some gentle stretches. And that's okay. It's whatever works for you and your body. Either way, it'll help to build and maintain strength in your joints and muscles. We have some very basic exercises and stretches on our website you might find helpful. And of course, there are others here who may be able to share some of their experiences and ideas.

    Pain clinics, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy may also be helpful for you. You may be able to make a self-referral for these with your GP receptionist if that makes it easier and quick.

    We'd love to hear from you again, so please do keep us updated with how you get on.

    Best wishes,

    Sharmin - Mod


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