Fear of a new diagnosis

Hello all,

I need to vent 😪. I was recently diagnosed with early OA in both knees at the age of 35. I have new symptoms that could suggest OA in my hip too. I am too scared to even make an appointment.

Making peace with my fragile knees was very hard. Visiting the Orthopedic regarding mybhip will make very REAL! And I'd rather stay in pain. 😞

Any advice?


  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Dove23!

    It is hard for anyone to come to terns with a diagnosis of OA but for anyone as young as you it must be even harder. I have recently been diagnosed with it in my hip on top of my hands and feet and i think it's better the devil you know so you can get treatment and help.

    There will be people on here around the same age as you better to advise and help you but as someone who is 31 year older than you, I would advise to speak to your GP and get that diagnosis confirmed and referrals in place for the help you need. Not knowing is going to be more stressful than knowing.

    Love and hugs

    Trish xx