Addicted to Co-codamol

I am five weeks post-op hip replacement. I have been on 30/500 co-codomol for five years, the last two years 8 a day. When I used to read about addiction I couldn't really understand it as I thought as soon as I am out of pain I would just stop the tablets. However I am really struggling. My gp said just gradually cut down but as soon as I do I am sweating, stomach cramps and get jittery. I am already feeling a bit depressed over not getting out in the world again yet so finding these feelings really difficult.

Is there anyone else out there gone through this and any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


  • noddingtonpete
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    Hi @Dianes1 yes you will need to wean yourself off the tablets but if you are having problems then get back in touch with your GP and explain what is happening. They may be able to help you.

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  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Dianes1

    I was also taking the maximum co-codamol prior to my hand surgery so no where near what you're dealing with.

    Don't rush it. I think 5 weeks is a bit soon.

    When I weaned off I started with one of the morning tablets then two weeks later one of ithe lunchtime tablets then two weeks later one of the evening tablets then repeat by knocking off the morning one, waiting for 2 weeks then as before. Speak to your GP though, he may suggest knocking down to a lower strength over time. It is hard and you will get there as long as you realise it's a marathon weaning yourself off of drugs, not a sprint.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • Dianes1
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    Thank you both for your advice. I will certainly try the weaning process that you suggest honestly did not think I would have a problem. GP said to cut down over time and I know this is the only way to do it. Always hoping for a magic answer lol.

  • stickywicket
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    Don't beat yourself up about this. You're not the first and won't be thè last. There's a perception that, if they're prescribed, addiction won't be a problem. If only!

    Here's an old thread from @mig , a normally very sensible, kind lady.

    Go slowly. It's not a race☺

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