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Hello, I am sad 50 and work for Government in a desk based job and have osteoarthritis in my fingers, hands, wrist, spine, neck and feet and also have Repetitive Stain Injury and tendinopathy caused by thd keyboard. My GP occupational health to come yk ghd house znd I received equipment to help with cooking etc. I asked for an in person DSE assessment in July 2023, I've worked from home all during the pandemic. The assessor recommended equipment which thst sounded really helpful and also said I'd benefit from home working. My employer has said I can't have the equipment as 'he was just selling his company's products' and they are also insisting I attend the office one day a week. Using the standard equipment causes me real pain. They are sending out another assessor from a new supplier because health and safety said the current supplier is ' useless and too soft'.

I'm really anxious about meeting with this next assessor and am unsure of my position on asking for proper equipment to support Mr znd also working from home. I wondered if anyone could offer advice please? Thanks


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    Hello @Pool10 and welcome to the Community.

    I understand that you have OA and looking for advice on DSE assessment and what you are entitled to.

    Can I suggest that you have a look through the following

    I would also suggest calling our Helpline team (0800 5200 520 Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm) who should be able to give you better advice

    It would be better to know what support you are entitled to before talking to your employer. Hope this helps

    Best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

    Need more help? - call our Helpline on0800 5200 520Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    Hi Pool10.

    Do you have anyone you know who is fairly offay with these issues and your difficulties who could be with you for the assessment? Firstly (and particularly if you've been made to feel "very unnecessary ") all of us find it hard to tell people how bad it really is in case we're accused of laying it on too thick. It helps to have someone other than yourself, who are not bogged down with all of that who may be able to say things more succinctly. Secondly, having another brain there helps to fill in the bits you may forget. And it's a support.

    Just a thought. Good luck,


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    AGE 59 due to works accident 37 yrs back . PAyed 42 yrs class1 stamp ni/ tax PAYE so oap penstion is paid for & pay 35 yrs but cant claim it 66 current . I DAMAGED back/ spine . got 10 % industrial accident award . NOW 2023 Going in to 2ND degenrative changes . limited mobility walk / standing up to 1 minuite / 20- 50 metere walk . with out sitting . I work UP 3 days week via agentcy DRIVER non handball / manuall handle work . I FIND 3 days now ALL I CAN MANADGE PAIN / PSYCICAL / MENTALL WISE . MY RESONABLE ADJUSTNMENT IN WORK PLACE IS TO WORK PART TIME . BUT DWP TORY/ CON OFF GOVERTNMENT . They just UP the AET to £617 mouth . to stay in soft touch. IF claiming UC UNICREDIT /light soft touch YOU dont have to go to jobcentre / search for work if you earn over £617 mouth . HOWEVER JAN- APRIL IS QUITE spell on AGY WORK . SO u get put back into intensive work search weekly waste time vists to jobcentre UC now on on line . GOVERTNMENT / DWP , TORY CONS using BREXIT/ COVID 19 / UCKRAINE WAR . AS reason lack labour / workers in job market . DWP say age 55-64 2.25 milltion not working / or only work part time . FROM / MARCH 2023/ DWP having purge trying force people like myself with disabiltys back in to full time work 48 hours week . MAX / WTD . AS working time directive . ITTS bullying goes againts 2010 equality act resonable adjustnments in work place IE TO WORK 3 DAYS WEEK ONLY NOT NOT 5 DAYS 48 HOURS . MOST PEOPLE OVER 55 have some type DISABILTY restricts work HOURS they can do . & most payed min 35/ 40 yrs CLASS1 PAYE NI to get there oap penstion .

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    Hi @Pool10 I am sorry to hear about the lack of support from your employer. As you work for a government department you cannot claim Access to work, however your employer should provide the same support and equipment that will help you do your job. Have you spoken with your union rep about this issue? Some useful links to help you, health and safety may be compromised if you are working without the equipment you need to work safely. Health and safety for disabled people at work - HSE The civil service disability network may be able to give you some support too. Civil Service Disability Network - Civil Service (blog.gov.uk)

    Ability net offers training and factsheets on a range of information, it helps to find out what equipment is out there and if possible test to see what suits. Training on the use of any software you get is recommended AbilityNet Factsheets | AbilityNet