Cleanliness, germs, and infections

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Does anyone have some advice on how to get your spouse/partner or others in your household to understand the importance of cleanliness. Like how they can help by washing their hands and showering on a regular basis. I know it seems common sense, but it's been a real struggle to get my truck driver husband to understand.

Any tips or advice is appreciated!


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    Lots of people have got very slack in protecting themselves and others ( especially those of us who are vulnerable) I have a hand sanitiser at the door and encourage any visitors to clean their hands as they arrive.

    My friend's husband suffered from depression and did not wash much. When she could get him to the shops on a good day she asked him to choose the smell of the shower gel and shampoo etc. He choose less feminine smells than they were used to and used them more afterwards because he felt the other stuff was too flowery scented for a man. A small thing but it helped.