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Hi Everyone

Diagnosed with OA both hands and wrists with wrists being the worst, this was Diagnosed just under 2 years ago, probably because of years of Chef life, this winter has been brutal so I've been intouch with the Dr a few times, had xrays done a week ago, results back showing more damage done to the wrists and been referred to see a surgeon, in the meantime has anyone got any remedies for pain relief? I've done the usual, keeping warm, wearing my gloves and splints, taking meds but recently none of that's helped, the worst pain I've felt yet to the point it's effecting my work life and mist definitely my personal life. Any suggestions would be appreciated


  • Woofy
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    Hi there. Sounds like you are going through it with your pain. Naproxen was what my G P gave me until I was seen at the hospital. I have R A. Take paracetamol in between regularly. Some heated hand warmers might help.

  • Anna
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    Hi @Woofy,

    You might find that some gentle exercises might help relieve the pain in your wrists. Here’s a link to some suggestions from Versus Arthritis:

    Do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( Mod)

  • DebbieL
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    Hi Billy41514,

    I have OA of my lower spine. I take 2x30/500 cocodamol, and 20 mg of nortriptyline at night. I also take naproxen if I’m still in pain. These seem to work for me however it took some trial and error and discussions with my doctor to find what suited me. At first the GP gave me amitriptyline- which upset my stomach and just made me sleepy. He tried to give me gabepentin but I had read about this and wasn’t keen- I had also had codine previously and knew I didn’t suffer from many side effects.

    My GP also referred me to a specialist and then to a specialist back physio. This was a game changer for me to find that the right physio and exercises reduced my pain more than the painkillers.

    I know it often is difficult but go back to your GP and keep going back until they find a way to improve your quality of life. There are often more options available that aren’t mentioned until you complain.

    I hope you find some improvement

    Take care