Has anybody noticed that your strength with osteoarthritis has got less. My general body strength used to be good...but now I feel very weak. Even carrying my weekly groceries drains me. I am 58 and got diagnosed 2 yrs ago. I have a knackered lower back and 2 knackered hips, bad hands and 1 bad foot! apart from that I'm fine!

I did a brief bit of gardening last week and ended up knackering my better hip...went to my chiropractor who sorted me out which dealt with the pain but its still a bit sore. I try to do some walking now and again but a couple of miles slowly seems to be my limmit now. Just can't believe how much I have gone downhill lately...is this normal? any advice greatly appreciated.


  • I've noticed reduced grip and strength. It was amongst the symptoms that had me investigate what was happening to me.

    My confusion was over not remembering items being so heavy. I could hard landscape my garden (move tons of soil, lift and re lay paving flags etc) at one time. Last year I almost dropped a quarter full kettle which isn't usually heavy at all. I've found my grip has diminished too. I drop things.

    As to whether or not it's normal, I haven't got a clue?! 🙂

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    I drop anything and everything! At first it was just the hand that I had the trapeziectomy on. Now it's both. Generally I think my weakness has gone to pot overall

    Trish xx

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    Hi @rosie159 yes muscle weaknesses is normal with arthritis due to lack of activity and exercise. It is important to maintain muscle strength. It would be a good idea to see a physio. Not sure if it's the same everywhere but in Wales you can self refer to physio. If not you could ask your GP to refer you. Hope this helps

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    Yes, I've noticed it. I wondered if it was a kind of 'absent mindedness' because I'm now watching out for things that will hurt.

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    I had to give up pilates (a gentle variety) and hill walking in 2020 due to severe OA in my hip and haven’t been able to start again due to post THR complications and a few other medical issues. While I was never, by any stretch of the imagination, a gym bunny, I can’t believe how much muscle tone I’ve lost, particularly my core strength and strength in my operated leg. I’m trying to get some of it back, but I’ve gone a long way down the slippery slope and it’s proving very hard to build it up again, particularly as lack of exercise has also resulted in weight gain. At 63 I feel practically geriatric. I’m starting to work in pilates exercises to my daily physio for my hip, but I’m still not up to the actual classes yet.

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    The correct way to exercise is (I have done the course!) is to find your limit then exercise within it and taking into account the ups and downs of how you feel. This does not mean every day! It means within your limit over time.

    The opposite means is called ‘boom and bust!’ This is a well known and taught lesson for you, it is easy for your mind to fool your body into thinking you can do more and your ego will agree, do more hurt yourself and then suffer, a well known course of action inflicted by yourself. Your exercise limit might only be a lot less than you imagine, keep your muscles, tendons and ligaments exercised and healthy, loose joints wear quicker.

    so, rest, be kind to yourself and learn. Here endeth the lesson!

    it’s a grin, honest!