Hello to all affected by this debilitating life spoiling disease.

Hi all, have suffered with arthritis of the knees for over ten years now. Get little or no support from GP as unable to take nsaids due to weak stomach lining caused by reflux told to take paracetamol which doesn't seem to have any real action in reducing pain when walking. From walking 10 miles now in agony if walk more than a few hundred meters. Look forward to any advice that could possibly improve life at the moment, have tried herbal remedies and knee supports without any real benefit. I am 75 next month and not over weight and do manage to cycle up to 15-20 miles plus use a turbo trainer when the weather is inclement managing to keep my vascular and leg muscles in fairly good condition but the pain when actually walking with bone on bone is now making life a misery.


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    Hello @brianspics

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us. I hope that you will find that this is a friendly and supportive group.

    So, you have had arthritis in your knees for over ten years now and the pain is getting worse the longer you have it. You don't feel like you get any decent support from your GP because they cannot prescribe nsaids due to stomach issues. Your own pain relief is paracetamol which doesn't really touch the pain anymore. You do try to keep yourself as fit as possible, but the pain you experience when walking with bone on bone is now making your life a misery.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us all. It is horrible to be in that amount of pain, especially when it is a function that many of us do daily. I must say though, you sound like you keep yourself as fit as possible which is great news for you general health.

    I found the below links that I think will be of use to you so please do have a read of the information when you have a chance. I'm sure that once other members of the community have seen your post, they will be able to other their own suggestions of pain relief and ways to help ease your joints.

    I do hope that these links will be of use to you. Please do let us know how you are getting on and do continue to keep getting involved in the community. We are a friendly bunch and are always looking to make new friends.

    Take care



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    Your exercise regime is certainly impressive, but I can empathise Re the pain in walking (in my case it was hip). Can you ask to see a GP in your practice who maybe specialises in arthritic conditions? It makes me not a little cross when GPS dismiss arthritic pain and expect us to just get on with it on a few paracetamol. You can hardly walk. How much more serious does it have to get??

    I suggest you request a referral to a musculoskeletal consultant. A typical treatment path would be cortisone injections and ultimately knee replacement. Has this been offered yet?

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    Hi,@brianspics.My experince of NSAIDS goes back to the 80's, so not sure how relevant my experence is to today's practice. When I was first diagnosed, I was presribed Voltarol suppositiries in view of my IBS. It worked for me for a while until I moved onto other medication.


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    Thank you for accepting me in to the group. Brianspics I sympathise and empathise with you situation. My GP does try (I'm soon to get a steroid injunction in my worst knee) but generally it seems people are just expected to put up with the crippling effects of OA. We have to fight that! Apart from it being Inhumane, I'd like to know how much OA costs the economy in lost hours, and the NHS in patient care. I've joined this group both to get advice and also to try and play a part in its mission if I can.

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    Hello @Ld94c and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have joined for advice and also to take part which is great - the Community exists for its members. Have a look through the links above and if you need anything further just ask

    Great to have you here and keep on posting

    Best wishes

    Peter (moderator)