Rheumatology Appointment

Hi all I had my appointment today was in with the junior doctor for 2 hours went through everything I told her i think that im starting with phsoratic arthritis. She then asked the consultant to have a look at me. To which he wasn't sure so he's asked for me to go and have scans of my elbows and wrists and also a chest x-ray he thinks it could be widespread OA and just incase i had my bloods done so it's waiting again now for the scan appointments to come through. Also next week I have to go and have a cystoscopy as I thought I had a water infection but when my gp tested my urine there was no infection i told him there would be traces of blood as i always do but when he came back in the room he said the blood was extreme so he put me on the 2 weeks fast track this is my 3rd cancer scare within the last 12 months i get over one thing and my body gives me something else to worry about oh how I love my body 🤣


  • Fif
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    You do seem to be having a rough time of it. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon. The waiting is always the worst. Thinking of you. Take care.

  • stickywicket
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    I'm so sorry about this latest scare and setback. I do hope you have better news soon.

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    Thanks @stickywicket@stickywicket and @Fif for the support hopefully I'll know something on Tuesday i just need some let up from my health issues it's really getting to me but as you know it doesn't work that way so I've just got to keep going xx@Field79