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Hello All,

Well, I’m three weeks post knee replacement and can say without a doubt that things are and can only get better! The first two week’s weren’t good but didn’t expect anything else. I’ve been comparing it with my hip replacement on the other side nine years ago. I felt far more positive after that because it was all over and no more arthritic pain anywhere. This time around I’m told I need another hip replacement on the same side as the knee and last October at my outpatient appointment I mentioned my other knee cap which occasionally ached, expecting him to say it was referred pain and he said, quietly, it sounds like an arthritic knee cap!! I just thought, yee Gods, what more. 😏😖 Yes, a lot of anger which I’m trying hard to get over.

So, I went in for surgery on 6 January, after my last e bike ride the day before, in some sort of naive bubble and came out the other side feeling ten years older.

It’s a case of dealing with the aftermath. My husband has been great looking after me until I was steady on my feet and I must stay cheerful for his sake. But it ain’t easy. I do know lots of you have been here and will nod wisely at all of the above.


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    I'm pleased to learn things are gradually, albeit all too slowly, improving. Don't try to rush it. Just keep up with the exercises and, with luck, the other bits that are starting to go will last considerably longer.

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    Hi @Ribble

    I echo the great advice from @stickywicket, the exercises and keep moving is super important for the recovery but take every day at a time there is no rule book everyone is different.

    Here's some great info about recovery after surgery

    We also have some new exercises for before and after surgery

    All the best for a speedy recovery, do keep us posted.

    Louisa77 (moderator)

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    Thank you everyone for your advice.👍🏻 My knee is healing very well and I go out for regular walks (with walking poles). I’m doing my best to cycle again which isn’t easy after a knee replacement! Just very steady and often on a static bike to get the knee turning again.

    My biggest problem has been pain in the side of my back, same leg, mainly at night. I’ve been up in the night rubbing all sorts in, as we do! I realise that it’s not the knee troubling me but the hip which is arthritic. So here we go again, back on the waiting list soon I suppose for a new one. I’ve already got a left hip replacement which has been great over the last nine years.

    Has anyone else had one joint sorted with another problematic one following on close behind? I’m trying hard not to complain and just get on with it but … it ain’t easy and it’s not helpful for the family members around me.

    Any thoughts from any of you kind souls in the sinking joints boat. 🤔😣😊