Flare Up - Again!

I seem to be on yet another flare up with my osteoarthritis! Ive had knee problems for years and this has slowly got worse, but i coped. However in last 3 years (since losing my husband) i seem to be getting so much worse. My mobility has really deteriorated to point i using rollator indoors as well as out. But the pain which is really nagging me is in my legs always, shoulders, wrists and now I'm getting lumps on my fingers. Is there anything i can do to alleviate this pain?

my lower legs get very swollen and GP referred me for scans knees and hips but consultant turned me down. The GP sent me for X-rays and i had got so bad i couldn't get there and had to cancel.

I've now requested help at home and applied for sheltered housing! But this procedure is so long winded I'm getting down, and isolated and in so much pain i no longer know what to do?

hoping the latest attempt to do housing swap to adapted gff will be successful, and at last live in a home adequate fr my disability.

my pain is causing ridiculous sleep problems nothing for me still to be awake at 3am no matter what time I've gone t bed because i felt tired. Then I'm sleeping in late! My world seems to be going nocturnal!

is it my age (70) or my oa? Dont seem to be living, unless I'm doing it through the internet or knitting.


  • stickywicket
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    Oh dear! I'm afraid it's the nature of the arthritic beast to get worse but sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming.

    I don't quite understand what the consultant turned you down for - the scanß or operations? What a pity you didn't manage to get for the x-rays! Do you have anyone who could give you a lift if re-booked? If not, try contacting your local PALS for advice

    Your GP might be able to help with some meds to help you sleep but it might be that the leg swelling would make this inadvisable.. Have you tried some of the exercises on here? I, too, have to use a rollator indoors as I'm quite wobbly these days but exercises keep me going.

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  • Sheelee
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    Hi Faballball,

    Like stickwicket, I wonder why the consultant refused the scan. Any information helps, doesn't it?

    Regarding your housing issue, have you thought of applying for rehousing under "Medical Priority "? All local authorities run lists of suitable housing for people with a disability, and that housing is held back for people off the Medical Priority list. Not only does it give you access to suitable accommodation, but also shoots you up the waiting lists. You can move very quickly in some instances.

    There may be local advice centres that may be able to help you with the process. Or, if you are in council accommodation at the moment, your patch manager may assist you with the process. The other thing is, sheltered accommodation often includes some social activities which may help you to get to know done of your neighbours, if that would help you to.

    They not only have council owned accommodation on the Medicsl Priority lists, but also appropriate housing association properties too.

    Good luck,

    Sheelee xx

  • Lane
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    Hi @Faballball it's good to see you connecting with other members.

    I understand that your OA is getting worse particularly in your knees, your legs are swollen and have mobility difficulty. I have attached a link for you to have a look at:

    I have also attached a link from our website that may give you some helpful tips in regards to your sleep:

    It's good to know that you are connected with your internet and do some knitting.

    Best wishes.