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I run a bit, walk a lot and use online challenges to keep myself inspired, some involve a fee and I get a medal and a neck buff when I finish, some are free but none are races. Fairly recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis and following lots of reading here and elsewhere I see that strengthening joints is pretty important so I have added yoga and weight lifting (nothing heavy as I'm 73 this year!) exercises to my regime.

But the best addition is Qigong (think Zsheegong) - it's a bit like Thai Chi. I found a free online class run by someone who understands limitations of movement so it is very gentle but very effective. She does a sitting version but sometimes if I'm in pain I do the other classes sitting down as well and adapt the movements to what I am able to do that day. I've done the class once a week for about 6 weeks now and can feel the difference, I am more flexible and my breathing has improved as well as my sense of well being but best of all I think that moving more is helping my pain levels.

It's probably not for everyone but I thought I'd mention it in case it helps someone.


  • stickywicket
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    Well done you☺ It's good to find things that we like which help. I seem to remèmber that quigong is recommended by Versus Arthritis so it's great that you have discovered it. Keep it up☺

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  • Izzy72
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    @stickywicket thanks for your comment, I didn't know Qigong is recommended by Versus Arthritis, I came across it by chance when looking for yoga classes online and found it helpful so thought I'd share.

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    @noddingtonpete thanks for the link, feeling a bit stupid now - if I'd seen it before I wouldn't have posted my comment, apologies for the repetition.

  • Lilymary
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    Don't apologise, it really helps to hear other people's experiences of suggested exercise regimes, rather than just read them and wonder whether they actually work. I'm going to look into it now I've seen the link again.

    But what a lovely positive post. I'm sure your activity levels will have helped you cope with what your body is trying to throw at you, and the positive attitude also helps pain management. Keep it up!

  • Anna
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    I agree with @Lilymary, it’s always good to hear positive experiences of exercises that work for someone - gives us the incentive to try them out, so thank you! Please do let us know how you’re getting on.

    Anna ( Mod)

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