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Hi. My alt have gone up to 325 so the hospital has stopped my sub cut methotrexate. I’m now in so much pain ( this was 4 weeks ago). They said when they come down start on sulfasanine? But I am allergic to Aspirin They then said try lefudomide? ( I’m not sure how to spell them) but I’ve read somewhere that if you are allergic to peanuts don’t take it. The nurse said she didn’t think it did ? I’m now baffled as don’t know what to donb


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    Morning @Lisalou

    What a shame your liver bloods have gone up when MTX was suiting you so well😕 You sound to be in a lot of pain have they not suggested a short course of steroids to tide you over?

    I don't know if it will help but this is information about Leflunomide:

    I take it you're allergic to peanuts too?

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    Ps what about this information about most of the DMARDs like MTX and Lef

    You'll see there are quite a few options.

  • Hi@Lisalou

    Thanks for you post to the Helpline.

    Sorry to hear that they've had to stop the Methotrexate.

    With Leflunomide 'If you're sensitive to lactose, peanut or soya, speak to your doctor before taking leflunomide, as it contains extracts of these allergens.'

    With Sulfasalazine you can't have it if you 'are allergic to salicylates – a natural chemical that is found in some foods and aspirin'.

    We'd advise you to talk via the Rheumatology Nurse Helpline at your hospital, or if you can't get through to them, you can leave a message with the medical secretary for your consultant (mention the name of the consultant and their medical secretary via the hospital switchboard).

    One of the Rheumatology team should come back to you and go through your drug options.

    If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis (I'm not sure what your diagnosis may be) & have failed on 2 disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDS) and have high levels of inflammation, you can ask whether your DAS 28 (Disease Activity Score) may make you eligible for other treatments.

    Conditions | Types of arthritis, causes, treatments (

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