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Has anyone tried Activ8 Joint Complete? it all sounds good in the video, but does it work? and is it safe?


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    Hi @Curlew

    I understand that you have arthritis in your hands and feet and are looking for some advice with supplements. I have attached a link from our website, information for you to have a look at:

    Thank you for getting in touch with us and do continue to post and connect with our members.

    Best wishes.

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    That is not an answer to the question. I can see no reference to the product Activ8 Joint Complete in the link which you provided.

    So I repeat the question:

    "Has anyone tried Activ8 Joint Complete? it all sounds good in the video, but does it work? and is it safe?"

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    Apologies @Curlew for hijacking your thread I just want to welcome @Eunomias

    I agree there is no actual reply to the question above, but I think having done a search here:

    it might be because no-one here has actually tried it, having discussing it with other members. Therefore not much is known other than a video (referenced in a few of the threads) and reviews on the actual site which as you probably know might be biased in favour of positive outcomes.

    I found this thread, from those in the search, above the most useful myself:

    Should you decide to give it a try please do let us know whether it helps.

    My best wishes


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    Hello @Curlew,

    As Activ8 is hellishly expensive I bought all the constituent ingredients separately - it didn't work for me.

    I spoke to my Orthopaedic Surgeon about this and he wasn't surprised because most of the ingredients are aimed at repairing damaged Cartilage and as I have absolutely none left in either of my knees there was nothing to repair. He explained that cartilage has no blood supply so once it's gone, it's gone.

    I also found about 6 weeks in that my symptoms were getting worse - hot, achy and throbbing legs, sharp stabbing pains in the hamstrings and cruciate ligaments and more locks than usual. I traced it to the Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Eggshell membrane and Type 2 Collagen. I was good with the Turmeric and Boswellia which I still take today.

    So, if you've got a goodly amount of cartilage left then it could well work for you but if you find as I did you're feeling worse, not better, it may be a reaction to some of these ingredients which for all I know may have clashed with my prescribed meds.

    Good luck, fingers crossed!