Any guidance on which kind of work l can do


I have Pa which effects my hands, kness, back and hips.

l have been working in the care sector for over 10 years now. I really enjoy my job but now l am finding it difficult, as with having to do 10 hr shifts is taking it's toll on me. My flare-ups are becoming more frequent and because l work for an agency , then l don't get paid for being off. So that alone is a stress which won't help my body too. I am also going to apply for any benefits that could help out as well so if anyone has advice on that would be grateful. I still want to work but l am not sure which role to go for.

How does everyone else cope and do you have a job that suits y'all.

Thanks 😊


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    Hi @V8skull1,

    Others in the community might have some suggestions and advice for you, but you might also be interested in this Versus Arthritis website page which gives some helpful information about working with arthritis:

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  • Hi @V8skull1

    Is there any way you can turn 10 hour shifts into 3 x 3.5hrs?

    I had to give up 10 hr days (fifty hour week) just before Christmas. The company I worked for was tiny -( no HR/Occ Health) asking for time off for bi weekly blood tests on first starting Dmards earned me the label of nuisance and it was regularly commented upon how inconvenient my consultant appointments and blood tests were to the business.

    I finished there (thank god) and have since picked up two alternate part time positions with my aim being to include a third soon to make up my hours.

    One job could be loosely described as a carer, the other a bit of cleaning. Neither have the same range of repetitive movements so I'm not overusing one particular set of joints for 10 hours straight. That make any sense?

    I'm getting a break in between my different jobs. One job has my using my knees, hips, neck more but they're rested in my second job because I'll usr my upperbody (arms/shoulders/ hands) more. Do you get me?

    It seems to be working for me at the moment. It's early days yet so only time will tell. I need to keep moving/working while I still can to help free up joints and strengthen muscle groups. I like the clients, routine and social aspects of working too. I'd be useless on benefits.