late period

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can advise! I'm on 25mg MTX (have been since June) and also started 200mg hydroxychloroquine end of November. My period at the start of December was light and watery and not had one since.

Could it be the change in medication has just thrown things out of sync or should I speak to the GP? (I'm in my late 30s and definitely not pregnant)


  • PeterJ
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    Hi @JenHB if in any doubt speak to your GP. Better to find out to put your mind at rest.

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  • Sheelee
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    Hi JenHB,

    Have you Googled your new meds to see if it can affect your monthly cycle? And I think I would be wanting to check this out with my GP. 111 might be a good option to for a start off, because you get linked to a specialist in the area of your problem.

    Are you struggling emotionally, because that can affect your cycle. There is a condition called amenorrhoea which is stress related temporary cessation of the monthly cycle. In the meantime, enjoy the break!! I no long menstruate, but I had an awful.time with my monthly cycle!!

    Sheelee x

  • HG80
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    Hi @JenHB

    I have just logged on to the forum to ask this very question and spotted your recent post.

    I've now missed 4 months of periods which co-incided with my MTX dosage moving from 15mg to 20mg. Searches did show that it can be a side effect so I haven't been particularly worried, presuming it would sort itself out in time.

    It feels like it's gone on a bit too long now, hence looking on here for some advice! I will post an update once I've spoken to my GP. Please let me know if you get any answers too 😀

  • JenHB
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    HG80 - the GP told me that there could be lots of reasons so wait a few more months and if it gets to 6months without a period they will then do blood tests (Although they did ask about other things like irritability and brain fog which I don't have)

  • JenHB
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    I mentioned this to the rheumatologist at my appointment in June and she was 'this isn't due to the medication, speak to your GP'. The verdict is that I'm started the menopause so now on HRT and awaiting a bone density scan as I'm at higher risk of osteoporosis!

    Having now done bits of googling, some menopausal symptoms I had probably been assuming was down to my RA (eg achy joints, fatigue)

    Hope this helps others